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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Dancehall deejay Mavado is alleged to be a no-show at a Guyana booking on Sunday. According to Stabroek News (Guyana newspaper), Mavado was booked to perform at "Slingerz Summer Jam" held at the country's national stadium in Providence, the artiste, however, opted to stay in at the Princess Hotel in disgust of his muffled travel arrangements.

The article went on to say that, allegedly a jet was supposed to pick up Mavado from Jamaica, however, what should have been a 3 hour flight turned into a 19-hour flight, "cramped small plane with no bathroom" stuffed with Mavado, the promoter and his 16 man team. It's stated the plane was diverted several times, for refueling, and eventually had to land in Trindad due to clearance issues. The promoters allegedly state that Mavado missed his flight, and that is what led to the last minute arrangements.

NOW! Despite these claims, Mavado, who is no stranger to Guyana, had several tweets on his twitter page promoting the event, and even had a picture performing, we cannot confirm whether or not the picture was from said event, however, this report is quite contradicting. Some of his tweets (@Mavado_Gully ) read;
"Guyana we nah mek dem stop wi joy....National Stadium tonite I shall be there just $1000 entry"
"Guyana coming like mi second home, the people always show me crazy love, could never let you down. National Stadium tonite"

This picture, that was posted 6 hours ago, caption was  "Guyana mi place. Promote this show in 24 hrs an look pon people. "

No official statement has been released from Mavado or his management team regarding these allegations. Mavado is known best for hits like, "Real McKoy","Dying", "So Special" "On The Rocks" and "Star Boy".

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