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Thursday, January 17, 2013

SCORN DEM! The Princess of Dancehall Spice

Grace "Spice" Hamilton has been dominating the dancehall world since her arrival in 2000 on the stage of Sting. From then till now it is clear, Spice has never been phased by controversy, war, propaganda and the ever changing music business. She declared her position as Princess of Dancehall and has certainly held on tight to her tiara. Spice is known for her witty, controversial, lethal lyrics, lyrical war, talking whatever is on her mind "TALK DI TINGS DEM" and undeniable sexiness.

Spice hails from the Old Braeton community in St. Catherine Jamaica. Although she loved music, early on, Spice never had plans on a career in music. At the time she was too busy focusing on school. In fact, Spice graduated fifth form with all of eight subjects. With a career in chartered accounting in mind and plans to go on to sixth form, at some point, Spice decided she would much rather focus on a music career. She then enrolled in Edna Manley School for the Visual and Performing Arts to do voice and drama.

Her big break came in 1999 when she appeared on a show Nuffy had on JACS cable titled "Many Moods of Nuffy". The feedback from her appearance was both positive and pleasingly overwhelming. Her friends convinced her that this was her calling. And she answered the call. Spice quickly went from singing to deejaying.

In 2000 Heavy D from Supreme Promotions caught a glimpse of Spice deejaying and didn't hesitate to give her the opportunity to perform at Sting 2000. That was a career defining moment for the deejay.

 A few years later, 2002, Spice toured England with Ward 21 and Baby Cham. Without even a hit record, Spice captured and amazed the fans and earned the respect of Baby Cham. Unfortunately for Spice, she did not have the links to establish herself as the talented deejay she was. Baby Cham later introduced her to Dave Kelly when they returned to Jamaica. She went on to release her first single on the Mad House label, ‘Mi Gone’ on the Pretty Pretty rhythm which did well both locally and overseas. That same year she returned to the Sting stage taking on Elephant Man in the prime of his career with a performance could not be challenged as anything less than a complete TAKEOVER!

Spice went on to later record other songs for Dave Kelly. One of her biggest hits "Fight Over Man" created a rave in the dancehall, and left her permanent mark as the reining Princess of Dancehall.
Spice has went on to clash many other artist on Sting such as Beenie Man, as well has recording many other songs and collaborations with many artist such as Missy Elliot, Maya, Pamputae, Vybz Kartel, Tifa and more.

Currently Spice has found herself in the middle of a war of words from Sting 2012 where she was scheduled to clash Macka Diamond, however Macka Diamond did not show up for the show. She then was accused of making a diss song with Tifa aimed at fellow artist Lady Saw. However, despite the controversy Spice is remaining on top of her game. She has a hit song "Why You Mad?" ft Tifa, still operates her store, Spicey Couture where she sells woman clothes, shoes and accessories. She is a proud mother, still touring, still writing, and expanding her brand. It's clear we have seen greatness but the best is still yet to come from Grace Spice Hamilton. Check out her latest single "Suh Tight"

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