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Thursday, March 25, 2010


It seems that every week, there is some new controversy from the GAZA. I must say, if it's Di Teacha's intention to keep the media and the world focused on him, he is definitely achieving his goals and maybe even surpassing them. It was not long ago that a compromising picture of Lisa Hype circulated of her performing fellatio on an unknown man, rumored to be Vybz Kartel. This of course lead to her dismissal from the group. Now, only a couple months later, more photos have surfaced, of a different woman in the same act. Could Kartel be the "Judas" Deva Bratt alleged him to be and purposely be out to ruin the lives and reputations of these woman, and if so why? Unlike that last episode, this woman does not appear to be an artist, and therefore the photos may not create as much "Hype". However, many are saying the lady involved does favor a woman who Kartel mentions in some of his songs. You be the judge, see for yourself below. Also check out the comparison of Lisa Hype's famous photos, and a different "partner".


Saturday, March 20, 2010


At some point last night, March 19 2010, rumors started circulating that Deva Bratt had been shot and killed at his gate. Friends and fans began congregating at his gate crying and pleading for answers, police were even called to the scene. It was total chaos for well over an hour.
The truth of the matter is, while there was an incident close to his home, it did not involve him nor anyone in his home. These rumors are totally false. Deva Bratt is very much alive and has been recording under his Krucial Konflict label. His most recent tracks include "Tribute" on the Triumph Riddim, a dedication to his late Father C and "Figure You Out" on the Candlelight Riddim. Look out for more new music from Deva Bratt as he is in the studio day and night voicing.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Several weeks ago I blogged about the death of Portmore Don and Danger Zone Music Group artist Mikey Pelpa. According to a report in the Jamaican Star newspaper, Pelpa was among a group of men who took a boat from The Bahamas and tried to enter the United States illegally. The men are said to have jumped from the boat in a bid to escape the US Coast Guard, and unfortunately Mikey Pelpa drowned.

Friend and fellow artist Geeze-B recorded a tribute for Pelpa "Since You Gone". Chilling voice clips of Pelpa were sampled in this song from a messgae recorded just hours before his untimely death. Gone but not forgotten, he will be missed by his family, friends, and fans. To learn more about Geeze-B you can log on to

Since You Gone (Tribute To Mikey Pelpa) by yardiemuzik

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



As reported in the Jamaican Gleaner on Sunday, Ronald Jones, the minister of education and human resource development, said the heavy diet of dancehall artistes performing in Barbados is an overkill and doing more harm than good.

"Even though we share the same Caribbean space, it does not mean we have to welcome everybody. Vybz Kartel and Mavado can stay in Jamaica," Jones said.

His statement came a day after the country's police commissioner denied the notorious Jamaican artistes permission to perform in the Caribbean nation.

"As a country, we must say enough is enough," the Barbados Nation quoted the minister as having said.

"This is Barbados. It must not go down the path of some other Caribbean societies. If reaching First-World status means we have to embrace all and sundry, then let us keep the status that we have," Jones added, according to the Nation.

The education minister said there was a linkage between dancehall music and some of the increasingly aggressive behaviour exhibited by young people in Barbados.

"Barbados is becoming loud, and some of our people are becoming uncaring, uncharitable. There are places in the Caribbean that they don't want Barbadians to come anymore. There are planes in the Caribbean that don't want to transport Barbadians to and from here. What is that saying?

"It is saying that we are loud and aggressive, but it is part and parcel of the diet that we are being fed as a people and as a nation. People like the music, so be it. But we don't need the transplantation of all the negativity that comes around that genre of music," Jones said.

This is a bold statement and I'm sure does not represent everyone in the country. I must say it makes sense however. Especially right now when artist "badmonism" is at a all time high with the recent happenings between Vybz Kartel and Black Rhyno. I understand that when Mavado first became ever popular he was being blamed for a large percentage of criminal activity in Jamaica, but, is it me or hasn't Mavado surpassed that stage? I definitely do not look at Vybz Kartel and Mavado in the same social category especially when it comes to promoting violence. Something tells me this will not last very long, because these very artist generate substantial income for the country and we all know MONEY TALKS.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



After a successful run, and approximately 4 years, Mavado and VP records have parted ways. Mavado’s manager Julian Jones-Griffith used the popular social site TWITTER to announce the breaking news stating “Mavado is no longer signed to VP Records, the deal has been officially terminated. We are currently exploring the many options b4 us". It was initially rumored that Mavado and his team made the decision to part ways. However, VP Records released somewhat of a confusing statement;

"VP Records can confirm that is released Mavado from his recording agreement.Contrary to reports which have been circulated, however, it was VP that elected, in its sole discretion, not to exercise its option for a further album."

I'm assuming what this means is that, they are clarifying that Mavado did make the decision to leave, but rather VP decided not to continue the contract. As the streets buzz, people are saying VP Records have a reputation for lackluster treatment of their artist and some are not surprised. Good luck Mavado! I'm sure you will stay progressive with or without VP Records! More as this story develops.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010



Black Rhyno is the latest casualty of the "Falling Empire" as he exits the group simply stating "mi lef".

Since the end of 2009, 3 members have left or been kicked out of Portmore Empire, all in very controversial situations. Lisa Hype was involved in a sexual photo scandal, while Kym (formerly Gaza Kim) was allegedly called to the studio and beaten by 4 men, and now Black Rhyno "lef". This after weeks of speculation that he as well as Jah Vinci were leaving the group. Prior to his announcement that he is no longer part of Portmore Empire and his diss track to Vybz Kartel, a statement was released stating that he was still a part of the group and these were rumors. Makes you wonder "what's really going on, PON DI GAZA". Although the exact reason for Rhyno's departure is not clear, it is rumored that financial stress is an underlying issue as well as Vybz Kartels dominant practices and personality.

As the empire continues to fall, one must look back and question how it got to this point. It is said that how you attain something is also how you will loose it. It was also said that Portmore Empire was attained by Vybz Kartel from Deva Bratt using thievery, disrespect and dishonesty, and it appears Kartel is loosing his most popular artist because of the same. The Empire has previously been one of the most successful, and respected group of artist in the dancehall but has quickly turned into the laughing stock of the industry as depicted in the Clovis cartoons below.
Fans and ex-fans seem to be growing more enraged as the incidents, or attacks if you will, grow more serious, with each departure from the group. The leaked cell phone photo of Lisa Hype seemed to be damaging enough, to then be followed by an attack on Kym, to now Black Rhynos family home in Waterford being sprayed with bullets. Readers on a popular message board are quoted as saying "damn hypocrite …..lmfao….him really tek jamaican people fi fool eeh!", while another adds "Kartel is a wicked bowy him feel like him roll thunder or he is God him wrong but his day will come".
Kartel denies any involvement in the shooting of Black Rhynos home, as well as the attack on Kym.