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Friday, March 19, 2010


Several weeks ago I blogged about the death of Portmore Don and Danger Zone Music Group artist Mikey Pelpa. According to a report in the Jamaican Star newspaper, Pelpa was among a group of men who took a boat from The Bahamas and tried to enter the United States illegally. The men are said to have jumped from the boat in a bid to escape the US Coast Guard, and unfortunately Mikey Pelpa drowned.

Friend and fellow artist Geeze-B recorded a tribute for Pelpa "Since You Gone". Chilling voice clips of Pelpa were sampled in this song from a messgae recorded just hours before his untimely death. Gone but not forgotten, he will be missed by his family, friends, and fans. To learn more about Geeze-B you can log on to

Since You Gone (Tribute To Mikey Pelpa) by yardiemuzik


  1. song mad r i p pelpa puppi chapanore seh dat

  2. No one is an angel in this life.But some are more genuine than others.Another young buck gone.Condolences,to his family.Mama Don't Cry.

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