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Wednesday, March 10, 2010



After a successful run, and approximately 4 years, Mavado and VP records have parted ways. Mavado’s manager Julian Jones-Griffith used the popular social site TWITTER to announce the breaking news stating “Mavado is no longer signed to VP Records, the deal has been officially terminated. We are currently exploring the many options b4 us". It was initially rumored that Mavado and his team made the decision to part ways. However, VP Records released somewhat of a confusing statement;

"VP Records can confirm that is released Mavado from his recording agreement.Contrary to reports which have been circulated, however, it was VP that elected, in its sole discretion, not to exercise its option for a further album."

I'm assuming what this means is that, they are clarifying that Mavado did make the decision to leave, but rather VP decided not to continue the contract. As the streets buzz, people are saying VP Records have a reputation for lackluster treatment of their artist and some are not surprised. Good luck Mavado! I'm sure you will stay progressive with or without VP Records! More as this story develops.

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