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Saturday, December 6, 2014


More celebrities are joining the #HandsUpDontShoot campaign in solidarity to the increase of police brutality cases leading to the death of black men. This campaign started shortly after 2 non indictments of police officers who killed Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri, and Eric Garner in Staten Island New York. 
Protesters across the nation are staging peaceful protest demanding justice, and charges be brought against these officers, and changes to laws to protect civilians. 
One of the biggest events in Miami, Florida, "Art Basel" was taken over by protesters lead by The Dream Defenders. Portions of major highways I75, and I95 were also blocked off in both directions by protesters demanding justice.
Protest are scheduled to continue in different cities across the nation.
CHANGE IS INEVITABLE! Fight the good fight! Human lives matter, black lives matter, justice is being demanded! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


It is being reported that Ms.Sharon Tucker, who was introduced to the world on Real Housewives of Atlanta, by way of her son Todd Tucker marrying Kandi Burruss, has died.

Reports are alleging Ms.Tucker had a stroke, then went into a coma, and unfortunately later died. There has been no confirmation of what caused her to fall ill, or if there were any preexisting conditions.

Sharon was notorious for defending the honor of her son, on the show (Real Housewives of Atlanta) against the not so soft spoken, Mama Joyce, who is not a fan of Todd nor his mother. Their fighting and bickering played out through every episode right up to Kandi and Todds wedding special on Bravo TV.  

Prayers to Todd and the Tucker family. May Ms.Sharon Tucker RIP.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


This was no ordinary SWEET 16! Known for elaborate birthday celebrations, daughter of rap superstar Lil Wayne, and Toya Wright has more high priced toys than woman twice her age! 

Not only did she have an A-list - guest list including Lil Wayne of course, Fantasia, Kandi, Nicki Minaj (who also performed), Rasheeda, Tiny, and Nivea to name a few, she also had several wardrobe changes throughout the night. The highlight was gifts from her parents which included a Ferrari, and BMW SUV.
Many fans online questioned buying a 16 year old a Ferrari, and anticipated danger with the combination. We can only assume her parents will carefully monitor her while indulging in her new toys. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAE!!!!! Check the hashtag #NaeDay on Instagram for all the great pics and videos!
Some pictures courtesy of Talking With Tami.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


    Marion Barry, an icon of D.C. politics good and bad for more than 40 years, has died at age 78.
"It is with deep regret that the family of former four-time D.C. Mayor, and Ward 8 City Councilman, Marion S. Barry, Jr., announces that he has passed," read a statement early Sunday from Barry's family.
Barry had been hospitalized at Howard University Hospital Thursday after complaining of a urinary tract infection. He was released Saturday, and family members said he seemed to feel well. "In his own words, he was 'fantabulous' -- his words, not mine," said Barry spokeswoman LaToya Foster at an early-morning press conference at United Medical Center.
Sunday morning, Barry visited with his son, Christopher, and then stopped to eat. On his way back into his home from the car, Barry collapsed. His driver brought him inside the home, unresponsive.
Barry was taken to United Medical Center at about 12:15 a.m. Sunday, and was pronounced dead at about 1:45 a.m.
Reaction poured in as news of Barry's death spread early Sunday morning. "He loved the District of Columbia and so many Washingtonians loved him," D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said in a statement that expressed "deep sadness" and promised "official ceremonies worthy of a true statesman of the District of Columbia."
Gray ordered flags at all D.C. buildings to be flown at half-staff beginning Sunday in Barry's honor.
In a statement released Sunday, incoming D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said, "Mayor Marion Barry gave a voice to those who need it most."
Barry had recently taped an interview with Oprah Winfrey for her show, "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" The Barry family statement indicated that the interview — which included his new book, "Mayor For Life: the Incredible Story of Marion Barry, Jr." — still would air Sunday at 9 p.m.
Barry served four terms as mayor and had a lock on the D.C. Council’s Ward 8 seat. But along with that huge political success, many personal failures marked his turbulent life.
Early on in his career, the Washington City Paper dubbed him “Mayor for Life.” He confounded critics who railed against his melodramatic life, even as he basked in the admiration of forgiving citizens who looked to him as their champion.
The son of a Mississippi sharecropper, Barry emerged from the student and civil rights activism of the 1960s to serve on the elected D.C. school board and D.C. Council.
In 1979, Barry began serving the first of three consecutive terms as D.C.’s second elected mayor. His pro-business policies helped spur economic development. He built civic programs for youth and senior citizens, and opened the city government to many African-American professionals, who previously had been shut out.
But lackluster city services, like slow snow removal and lost city ambulances, dogged Barry's administration. He battled a soaring homicide rate among the worst in the nation, and vowed a war on illegal drugs even as rumors about his own drug addiction swirled around Washington.
Barry's stature crumbled spectacularly in 1990, when an FBI sting videotaped Barry smoking crack cocaine in Washington’s Vista Hotel.
Barry famously complained that he had been set up by former girlfriend Rasheeda Moore, an FBI informant.
Barry’s federal trial turned into a drama of prosecution charges and persecution complaints. Out of 14 drug charges, a jury convicted Barry of a single misdemeanor possession charge. U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson sentenced him to six months in prison, the maximum punishment.
Many thought the scandal would finish Barry's political career.
But in 1992, Barry emerged from prison and began his comeback right at the prison gate. Just months later he won the Ward 8 council seat from longtime ally and four-term incumbent Wilhelmina Rolark.
In 1994, he swept back into the mayor’s office for a fourth term, trouncing failed reform Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly. Congress reacted sharply to concerns over another term for Barry and Kelly’s massive debt by creating a five-member federal control board to run the city over Barry.
Barry appointed then-obscure Anthony Williams as his chief financial officer. Acerbic and shy compared to Barry, Williams won the mayor’s office in 1998 when Barry chose not to seek re-election.
Barry returned to the political limelight in 2004, winning Ward 8 over another former ally, Sandy Allen. Waving off criticism of disloyalty, Barry said it wasn’t personal — it was politics.
In recent years, Barry easily won re-election in Ward 8. But he suffered from declining health, and received a kidney transplant.
Other controversies endured: failing to file income taxes, being censured for steering a city contract to a girlfriend, and making insensitive remarks about Asian storeowners and Filipina nurses, to whom he later apologized after stinging public criticism.
In August, Barry was involved in a wrong-way accident on Pennsylvania Avenue. Barry blamed low blood sugar that had made him disoriented.
But of the six mayors who’ve served the city since home rule began in the 1970s, it was Barry’s Mayor for Life personality and rollercoaster career that helped define D.C. politics for decades.
Barry first came to D.C. with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. He later helped establish and run Pride, an inner-city help group. When Congress granted limited home rule to D.C., Barry won a first seat on the D.C. Council in 1974.
Shot in the chest by Hanafi Muslims when they overran at the Wilson Building in 1977, Barry used the publicity to help launch his 1978 campaign for mayor. He was a brash reformer, equally eloquent on the streets and in boardrooms. He narrowly won a three-way battle after The Washington Post editorial page heavily and repeatedly endorsed him.
But his terms in office were marred by investigations into cronyism, those drug abuse allegations and his image as a self-professed night owl.
Despite his faults, Barry is credited with opening the city’s government to black citizens; for creating a massive summer jobs program that while wasteful in many cases offered a job or paid internship to any city youth who wanted one; and for treating senior citizens as a top priority with homes and programs for those in the twilight of life. His pro-business stance helped fuel the downtown real estate boom in the 1980s and helped fill his campaign war chest. He completed the city’s first convention center on time and on budget. In his last term as mayor, Barry landed the deal to get the MCI Center (now the Verizon Center) built downtown.
In his final days on the Council, Barry suffered from ailments including diabetes, high blood pressure and infections. On the Council he was once again pushing for summer youth jobs, development east of the Anacostia River and help for senior citizens.
Still, his national reputation is one of a promising politician undone or diminished by his personal failings; a politician who rose against seemingly hopeless odds to win and stay in the life of politics, often in spite of himself.
Source NBC Washington

Friday, November 21, 2014


Well this came as a total shock, AGAIN, new silly video showing a softer side of Bey, dancing and smiling ear to ear, to her single "7/11".
Beyonce has become the queen of the element of surprise where her music and visuals are concerned! 
YOU GOT US AGAIN BEY! However, you can't help but love how fun this video looks.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Baby sister to Beyonce, Solange Knowles Ferguson, is now a married woman. In her standard trendy, hippiesque presence, Solange and groom Alan Ferguson, arrived to their wedding on bicycles and smiles. 

The wedding party and guest were in all white, and how can we not talk about Solanges' perfect Afro, and nontraditional, yet beautiful wedding attire!

Jay-Z was in attendance with wife Beyonce, and adorable Blue Ivy. Notable mentions, Mom Tina Knowles and long time boyfriend were also in attendance, looking great as always! Congrats Solange!


Aaliyah Haughton, an unforgettable singer, dancer, actress, and model, born in Brooklyn New York 1979, and died in a tragic plane crash in the height of her career, August 25 2001. 

As a longtime Aaliyah fan, I was initially ecstatic when I heard about a movie being made about her life. I wondered of course how the controversial moments would be played out, and showcased (i.e rumored marriage to R. Kelly as a young teenager) but overall it seemed like a great idea, and I was completely sold. Shortly after the hype about the biopic, Aaliyahs family made it known to the public that they did not support this project one bit, so much so, that originally cast actress, Zendaya Coleman, backed out of film. If it's one thing I believe about the Haugton family, it has always appeared that they were upstanding, educated, calm and fair dealing people. The fact that they didn't support this film was enough for me to look into exactly why, and quite honestly, choose a side. Allegedly, the way the biopic was being filmed, cast or otherwise, the family would not, and obviously did not have any input in. That just didn't seem fair, or ethical in any way.

So I vowed, as a true Aaliyah fan, I would not support this biopic in the least bit.

Wendy Williams as co-executive producer, pushed the biopic on her popular morning show, "The Wendy Show". Monday morning (following the debut on Lifetime) on the hot topics segment stated "I see my Aaliyah movie "broke the internet" this weekend... whether you loved it or hated it.. you watched.. we all have opinions". She seems to have clearly understood the biopic was an epic fail, and moved on quickly to discuss other hot topics.

Record executive and producer who worked closely with Aaliyah, Timbaland, slammed the movie on social media in several post, he recorded an instagram video and stated "Someone just told me that they playing that BULL again on TV #Faaaawkumean ". He and the rest of instagram went on to posting over 12 thousand memes, with the hashtag #LifetimeBeLike. The memes bashed the alleged horrible casting for the biopic as well as the alleged bad singing and acting.

Aaliyah Haughton was and always will be "One In a Million".

Check out the Official Aaliyah Haughton Website.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The wait is over! Check out the behind the scenes of  Chudney J ft Mavado "Yuh Nuh Ready". The official video will be dropping this month on Chudney J's VEVO page. Stay in touch with Chudney J on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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Saturday, November 8, 2014


The SPICEY ONE has done it again! After racking up over 9 million Youtube/Vevo views on her single "So Mi Like It", Spice is back with a steamy, sultry, super sexy video; "Conjugal Visit" ft Vybz Kartel (well, a close enough look alike).

Who would have thought the 2008 crossover hit, "Romping Shop" could be matched?! Well sit back and enjoy the ride, Spice and Vybz Kartel have scored another noteworthy collaboration. 

In an exclusive interview with PRGirlAngel, Spice stated " The song was recorded in 2009 and it was supposed to be a follow up to Romping Shop, but we never really get a chance to put it out. So, the name of the song, "Conjugal Visit", we decided to call it that this year because of him (Vybz Kartel) being in prison, so that's what inspired the whole concept of the video".

And what a video it is! The video was launched November 5 in New Kingston, Jamaica at "Triple Century". The event was a success, with a star studded turn out.

Meanwhile, Spice is busy touring, from Europe to USA, to the beautiful Caribbean Islands, and most currently French Guiana.

Make sure to follow Spice on Twitter and Instagram

Congrats on all your success Spice, keep up the good work and continue to keep dancehall alive! 


Chudney J takes it back to her roots with "Gimmi Love", produced by Izy Beats.

"Gimmi Love" boast a sweet, roots rock reggae sound, infused with lyrics and harmonies that take your mind on an imaginative journey, inspired by sensual love. The single is already buzzing in European markets due to some recent radio airplay, making this one of Chudney J's most highly anticipated singles.

When asked how the concept of the song came about, Chudney answered " It's about me wanting love, searching for that guy that just makes me tingle inside.." (she laughs) she went on to say " I believe in love, real love, and I love the feeling of being loved and giving love".

"Gimmi Love" is available on iTunes for pre-order starting today November 8 2014, the single will be released on all digital platforms November 18 2014.

Twitter and Instagram @Chudney

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Reggae Star Nesbeth "Victory" EP Available on Pre-Order + Gratification Download Track

Having recently announced the November 18th release of his eagerly anticipated "Victory EP", reggae star Nesbeth is teasing fans and music lovers with a taste of "Victory".

With the fervent, tremendous feedback of the upcoming EP, Entertainment Soul has announced that fans and music lovers will get a gratification download track with the pre-order of "Victory" EP.   

Produced by Nesbeth himself, the socially conscious "Hundu Lay Lay" which reflects of a universal and timeless struggle and resiliency, is laid on an tribal feel of drums and vocal rhythms. "Hundu Lay Lay which has a definite African vibe to it. I want to inspire the nation to strive for their victory. Word sound is power." stated the singer.

The Manchester Award and Industry Achievers Awards recipient is hard at work on a promotional journey which will lead to the official release album party that will take place in Kingston, Jamaica, November 17th. The event is to be streamed live via the artist website:

Distributed by Zojak Worlwide, "Victory" EP is available for pre-order on itunes
For Promotional copies for radio & reviews, or invite enquires for the Victory EP Launch at the Pegasus, Kingston, JA. email: 

Publicist Contact
Destine Media
Ph: 347-497-8874

Thursday, November 6, 2014


It's reported, the 44 year old, rap mogul, husband to Beyonce, and business man, loves "Ace of Spades" champagne so much, not only does he rap about it, he also served it at a 2012 fundraiser held for President Obama, displaying 350 bottles of the pricey champagne.

Jay-Z has now bought the "Armand de Brignac" champagne business for an undisclosed amount. The champagne is known as “Ace of Spades,” and is produced by eight people in the French town of Chigny-les-Roses, the BBC reports. It was featured in at least one Jay-Z music video and sells for $300 per bottle.

Jay-Z has an estimated net worth of $520 million, according to Forbes magazine, making him the third richest hip-hop star in the world. He also has a clothing line, restaurants and a recording label.

Congrats Mr.Carter!


For the first time in 17 years, a Jamaican female reggae artiste has topped Billboard's Reggae album chart.

With first-week sales of 547 copies, Etana's fourth studio album I Rise (VP Records) leaps from seven to number one.

The Clive Hunt-produced album is Etana's fourth entry on the album chart. The last time a Jamaican female reggae artiste topped the chart was 1997 with Diana King's Think like a Girl.

Etana, who is in the middle of an American tour, is ecstatic about topping the Billboard chart.

"I am grateful to all my fans who purchased the album in the United States of America the first week and all those who pre-ordered the album, also. It is because of them, actually. Thank you so much," Etana told the Jamaica Observer.

Asked what kind of work went into the album, Etana said: "It was well-thought out by the A&R, the producer and myself. But when the musicians came to each session, it was easy-going and fun. It was a good vibe. The hardest part was doing the vocal recording sessions with Dwain 'Barbwire' Campbell. But it makes me appreciate him more," she said.

Among the musicians who worked on the album are Dwain 'Wiya' Campbell from C Sharp, Lamont Monty Savory, Aeion Hoilett from C Sharp, Ranoy Gordon, Kirk Bennett, Handell Tucker, Christopher Tyrell, Denver Smith, Hopeton Williams, Evrol Wray, Howard Foulds, Nicholas Laraque, and Garth aka Ducky.

Etana's current tour kicked off on October 23. It will wrap in late November. Featured on the tour are veteran reggae singer Cocoa Tea and old- school deejay Louie Culture.

"The tour has been going great so far. I have great supportive fans and I am so grateful for them," said Etana.

The tour is scheduled to make stops in Washington; DC; Massachusetts; Ohio; Chicago; Florida; North Carolina; Virginia; Georgia; Maryland, and New Jersey.

article courtesy of Jamaica Observer

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Destiny Child singer, Kelly Rowland and husband Tim Weatherspoon announced the birth of their first child, son, Titan Jewell Weatherspoon, born today at 1:30pm weighing in at 7.5lbs.  

"We are thrilled to announce that today we are the proud parents of our first son.." the singer stated. "We are blessed to report everyone is healthy and happy!"

People magazine reports, throughout much of her pregnancy, the mom-to-be, 33, let her photos do the talking, posting a snapshot of big and mini Air Jordans in June with the caption, “I’ll be stuntin’ like my daddy.”

In July, Rowland confirmed she was expecting a son — and even dropped hints about her baby boy’s name.

“The dad picked out the name. It has to do with family,” Rowland, who showed off her baby belly at the VMAs in August, said.

But her biggest belly reveal came in October, when the proud expectant mama bared it all in a series of nude shots.

“I took a birthing class and I was amazed by all the things this woman was saying to me about birthing and what the body does naturally. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate that?” she told Elle.

Now that she’s a new mom, Rowland is pulling double duty, caring for Titan Jewell and her newlywed husband. “When the baby gets here, it’s not just one baby. I have two babies now. My husband and the baby — you have to take care of both,” she joked to PEOPLE in September.

CONGRATS KELLY & TIM!!! Best wishes!

Monday, October 27, 2014


After breaking the Internet with her last single, “Anaconda”, Nicki Minaj is ready for her follow up before releasing the highly anticipated album The Pink Print. The rap star recently made a big announcement on her instragram page revealing the artwork to her next single, “Only” which will drop on Tuesday (October 28). According to the cover, the song will feature, Lil Wayne, Drake and Chris Brown. The lineup is interesting because at one point she was unsure if Drizzy would appear on the album.
Check out the cover art for the single, above.
courtesy of XXL magazine

Thursday, October 23, 2014



CNN reports a Doctor Without Borders physician who recently returned to New York from West Africa has tested positive for the Ebola virus, becoming the first diagnosed case in the city, authorities said late Thursday.
The doctor, identified as Craig Spencer, 33, came back from treating Ebola patients in Guinea October 17 and developed a fever, nausea, pain and fatigue Thursday. He is in isolation and being treated at New York's Bellevue Hospital, one of the eight hospitals statewide that Gov. Andrew Cuomo designated earlier this month as part of an Ebola preparedness plan.
Spencer went to for a jog, may have gone to a restaurant, traveled the city's vast subway system and went bowling before feeling ill but authorities stressed that the likelihood of him spreading the virus was low.


Ladies don't feel so bad after breaking up with a man that you've tattooed his name on your body. Men do it too‼️ Check out the latest #wifey cover up tattoos. Nick Cannon is going through a very public divorce from Mariah Carey and has recently covered up her name with a huge detailed crucifix. Next we have Nicki Minajs longtime boyfriend, alleged husband, hypeman and assistant Safaree Samuels, who in the midst of break up rumors has covered up his portrait of Nicki Minaj, as well as her name. I can't quite make out exactly what his cover ups are, but you get the point. Would you ever tattoo your boyfriend or girlfriends / spouse name on your body? Why or why not? 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


If this is true, I am officially the happiest woman on earth! Who didn't love Jodeci in the 90's? Those fine bodies, and sweet serenading voices, no girl alive didn't have a favorite! Here's the tea... 
Yahoo Music reports, the Soul Train Awards 2014 is prepping arguably the biggest reunion in hip-hop/R&B history: Jodeci. The North Carolina quartet that scored five No. 1 1990s R&B hits, including "Stay," "Forever My Lady," and "Come and Talk to Me," will perform during the award show taping in Las Vegas on Nov. 7.

According to a spokesperson for the event, the act will perform a medley and a snippet of the brand-new single, its first effort since 1996's "Get on Up." The group that includes two sets of brothers, Cedric "K-Ci" and Joel "JoJo" Hailey, as well as Dalvin "Mr. Dalvin" and Donald "DeVante Swing" DeGrate, has not taken the stage together in the U.S. since 2006.

"Soul Train was a critical platform in the beginning of our career, so it only makes sense that our return to the stage be during Soul Train Awards 2014," the group said in an exclusive statement released to Yahoo Music. "We're humbled by the loyalty of our fans who have asked for a reunion and look forward to giving them a show as only Jodeci can. #JODECIforever."

The last we saw of the singers, K-Ci and JoJo had a reality show that followed their road to sobriety. Unbeknownst to most, the brothers had been fighting alcohol addiction for many years. Devante made an appearance on the show to discuss possibly reuniting, but that meeting proved futile. I guess only time will tell, but this would be one of the best reunions in history if it happens.


Courtesy of Vibe Magazine Online 
Seated by himself on a small couch, Tyga is waiting for his lunch to arrive. The room is eye candy for architects and interior designers: high ceilings, exposed beams and hanging light fixtures contrast antique elements like the rows of Victorian picture frames adorning an entire wall. Then there’s this claw foot tub brought in for him to recreate Tupac Shakur’s iconic almost-nude photo (Pac’s privates are hidden by gold galore).

Tyga immediately scraps the tub idea. “I just don’t wanna recreate things that have been done,” he says. “Especially something so legendary.”

A large curtain separates him from two bodyguards perched on stools about six feet away. Tyga’s troop for the day includes his publicist, assistant, nanny, barber, and 2-year-old son King. For a man with an entourage, T-Raww is much more of a recluse than one would assume—or maybe he’s just overdue for some alone time.

There’s been a lot of emphasis on crew love in Tyga’s space over the years. It was 2007 when Lil Wayne recruited the Compton native to Young Money Entertainment. That was two years before Nicki Minaj and Drake blossomed into Tunechi’s big money brands. In five years, Drake has sold over 25 million albums and singles combined, and topped the Beatles this year for the most entries on the Billboard Hot 100. Then there’s Nicki, the feisty Queens spitter who can go bar for bar with the boys. Minaj signed with Young Money in 2009 and already has more Hot 100 hits than Michael Jackson (Though MJ’s output wasn’t nearly as bloated as today’s artists). She’s the first woman to simultaneously fill the No. 1 and No. 2 slots on the iTunes singles charts, both of her albums debuted at No. 1 and her “Starships” single had a record 21-week run atop Billboard.

By comparison, Tyga has yet to hit his sales stride, despite “Rack City’s” quadruple platinum certification. His third album, Hotel California, released last year, was a commercial flop. But the separation goes beyond stats.YMCMB couldn’t be more unified. Rich Homie Quan, and Young Thug are the new class of Rich Gang affiliates, while Nicki and Drake remain wholly committed to Wayne’s army. At Hot 97’s Summer Jam this year, Drake squashed his rumored micro-beef with Minaj by hitting the stage with her and Wayne. Tyga’s absence from the love fest, as well as the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour (Y.G., was added to the tour for West Coast dates) was a tip-off that Tyga wasn’t top-of-mind at home base.

Now, as he readies The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, Tyga is demanding attention from his team. Everything about the album—whose title is a nod to Tyga’s obsession with ancient Egyptians—is authentic to who he is currently. This album wasn’t made for the La Marina and Toxic set. As Tyga vaguely explains, it’s more “vibe music.” He’s anxious to get the project out, even if that means publicly criticizing the label. The day after VIBE’S cover shoot, he threatened to leak the LP via Twitter if Young Money didn’t give him a release date.
Photo courtesy of Miss Info

YMCMB president Mack Maine shot back through his own tweet, warning Tyga to take ownership of his shortcomings. Minaj then unfollowed him. Days later, he released “40 Mill,” one of the many Kanye West-produced cuts from his new album. Yeah, that Mr. West. He might now have the attention he was looking for.

VIBE: You’ve got a music Jedi helping you with this new record. How did the Kanye collaboration come about?

TYGA: I would always go to his crib or studio, sit in, learn and analyze how he does things. He just told me to come to the studio one day and gave Big Sean and me this long speech. He was saying what it is, and what we need to do as young artists and how we need to take control of this shit. We got the voice and people follow what we do. It was real inspirational. He was like, “If you guys want me to help you produce your albums, and co-executive produce it, I’m here. I just want to help everybody.” So, once I heard that, I was like “Aw man! Let me start!” So I started playing the joints that I was already working on and he started critiquing ‘em. I started switching things up. Like things I wouldn’t even think about on a track, that he thought of, and it just switched the whole vibe of the song. So stuff like that and starting from scratch on other things. I think it’s gonna be good to have somebody that hears music sonically like he does.

It’s gotta be surreal having someone with such an expansive playbook coaching you.
I think I’ve always been inspired by him, Jay Z, Eminem and Wayne. I know how Wayne works. I’ve been around him since I was 17. I always was around Wayne like when he was recording Tha Carter III, so I saw his journey from when he was great, and when he became greatness in the eyes of the world. I took a lot of notes from that. So now just to see another artist [West] that’s considered one of the greatest and how he does things, it’s two different worlds. I don’t know how to really describe it. I get inspired being around Wayne, I get inspired being around ‘Ye. At the end of the day it’s [about] finding what you’re great at. That’s my main thing.

Are you closer to finding that out?
Yeah, for sure.

It’s a journey.
Yeah, but also my fan base is younger so it’s different. In my world, if you’re a young artist and you don’t have anything in the club for college kids to play, you’re not relevant. You could be a dope lyricist, a great hip-hop artist with great stories, but if you you don’t have something in the club for these college kids that come to your shows…and that’s what ‘Ye was saying. It’s really not about what you did anymore. People don’t even care about history; they just care about what’s relevant. ’Ye was like he always wants to do something that’s relevant and always take it to the next level, and I never really thought about that.

Do you ever feel like the kid who isn’t being allowed to grow?

Nah, ‘cause when I came out, I still had tattoos, so it’s not like I came out and I was like 14. But I don’t know…I love doing music. I love putting music out. I love doing shows, I love putting albums out, but do I love the rap game? No. I do like to be able to make music. I just don’t like all the other bullshit that comes with rap.

What’s the other bullshit?
Gossip, sacrifices, media and all the negativity that comes with it. People think you’re a museum artifact. I can be with my son somewhere eating and people come up and just start rapping. I don’t know if people think rappers are ignorant, so people act ignorant towards rappers. But it’s just kinda like ‘Dude…

It’s what comes with being friends with the Kardashians and Kanye West. How do you try to maintain privacy?
You can’t [maintain privacy]. At the end of the day I didn’t ask to be famous, I don’t have a reality show. I’ve had a million offers to do reality shows. That’s just not what I’m into. I like doing music. I don’t want to be famous. But it’s cool to be more known so you can get the music out [to more people]. And don’t get me wrong; being famous, being a celebrity or whatever, it’s a gift and a curse. You get a lot of good things that comes with it, but also, you gotta know how to maintain your sanity and stay at peace with yourself.

How much does your son play into helping you maintain your sanity?
A lot. He doesn’t understand anything that’s going on right now. But that stuff, it just doesn’t matter to [children], that’s what I had to think about. I [saw] an interview where Jay Z said—they asked him something about all the negativity that he gets, and him and Beyonce and all that—and he was just like the more negative it gets, the more successful [you’re] getting.

Photo Courtesy of Sandra Rose
Do you agree?
In a way because your success sometimes means people’s failure. Some people don’t know why they don’t like you. I think it’s just like, when you’re sitting at home sometimes and you feel like your life is not moving as fast as you want it to move, or as planned, you look at the next person and you’re like, “Look how this person is living!” and then it just becomes negative.

Is it hard for you to maneuver through this life and be a single father?
It’s definitely harder. Like you said, you got personal life things out there and then you got stuff out there that’s like…you can’t even really defend yourself, or else you’ll be spending your time doing it every day. I read something that said I kicked my baby’s mother out the house. Crazy stuff like that, that’s not true. We had our differences, yes. But we decided to take a break and do what’s best for King at this moment.

So it’s all love between you and Blac Chyna?
Yeah. We decided to take a break apart ‘cause you don’t wanna raise an emotionally unstable child, and that’s what it comes down to. It wasn’t my happiness, and it wasn’t her happiness. It was for the sake of King.

You’re saying a break, so there’s a possibility that you haven’t closed that door?
I mean, of course I love her. I had a kid with her for a reason. We were together for two years, but sometimes people need to see what life really is without the other person. [They need to experience life] without Prince Charming and really learn responsibility. You can’t change a person. A person is always gonna be who they came to the table [as]. You can improve a person’s potential, you can help guide that person but at the end of the day, they’re gonna make their own decisions.

Have you seen differences?
I think she’s improving a lot. She’s becoming more focused on her business. Because it’s hard, when you’re sitting there…I’m on tour, you’re thinking about if I’m with girls or not when the main thing is like, "Yo, I’m on tour making money, while you’re living in this big ass house, taking care of our beautiful son." That’s the goal. A lot of women don’t realize this. They watch like…

Love & Hip Hop? [Laughs]
Yeah, Love & Hip Hop. I don’t even watch VH1, ‘cause it’s poison. A lot of women watch that stuff and it just takes them off the focus of what they think happiness is. As you get older the main goal is to have a family. That’s what it’s all about because you can be successful, have a lot of money, or whatever you do in life, but if you don’t have nobody to share it with, or family, it ain’t gonna matter.

Also, what I realized is black women don’t have a lot of role models as far as other black women. On some real shit, there’s black women that don’t look up to Oprah or Michelle Obama, because they’re looking at Instagram, they’re looking at VH1. I think that’s what the real problem is. It’s no real black [female] role models. As a black man, we have a lot of role models. Like looking at Diddy, Russell Simmons, Jay Z, Kanye, Tupac, those are people we can super relate to, so it’s easier for men.

You appear to be a wise 24. Do you feel older?
Yeah, exactly. I think life is just about being happy now. But you gotta’ really know what’s going on and that’s really what’s going on. Like black women man, it’s sad right now.

Is that what the relationship taught you?
No, I already knew that so when I was ready to do that, and I had a kid. I had a kid for a reason, not by accident. I was tryna’ build something. A lot of people don’t realize that until it’s too late, so all you can do is continue to help people and move forward. Maybe something will go off in that person’s head or whatever one day. But I can’t blame her ‘cause I understand. It’s how we were raised, and then you go look at a white family—not to sound racist or anything—but those families stick together. It’s way different.
The Kardashians fit the profile. Speaking of, you’re not dating Kylie Jenner?
Kylie? Nah. See the thing about Kylie… I’ve known Kylie and the whole family for four years. I introduced Chyna to Kim about a year ago. So everybody’s been cool, but like it’s just so hard, their world is different. If somebody wanna hang out, cool, I’m not opposed to hanging out with somebody. I hang out with her [Kylie], her sister [Kendall], I hang out with Scott [Disick] sometimes, I hang out with Khloe sometimes. But people wanna take the situation [with Kylie] to the next level.

The perception that’s out there on you doesn’t match the real life individual.
Yeah, my biggest song is “Rack City.” It’s just like a party song about a stripper. But anybody that meets me knows I’m a genuine person when they talk to me. I just didn’t want to make music like this, I didn’t want to be labeled, and I didn’t want to be no backpack rapper. I wanted to make music I can party and have fun to and that’s what I like doing. But if you talk to me, it’s a whole other thing.

“I don’t like Drake as a person. He’s just fake to me. I like his music; you know what I’m saying? I think his music is good, but we’re all different people.”

Is Young Money a part of the creative process on this album?
Nah. I tend to distance myself from them.

Are you trying to break out on your own?
Yeah, I’m tryna’ go independent. I don’t really get along with Drake. I don’t really get along with Nicki.

I don’t like Drake as a person. He’s just fake to me. I like his music; you know what I’m saying? I think his music is good, but we’re all different people. We were forced together and it was kinda’ like we were forcing relationships together. It is what it is. But I been friends with Chris [Brown] for like six years. That’s my real genuine friend. We hang out all the time. He lives up the street from me, so we don’t just do music we hang. I think being signed to Young Money, everybody felt like they had to force a relationship ‘cause Wayne put us together. At the end of the day the reason why I signed to Young Money is because of Wayne. Not because of Drake, not because of Nicki. It was because of Wayne and my relationship with him. I try to be cool with everybody, but sometimes, everybody just has different personalities, motives, and different characters. When you realize that, you realize that’s not a place where you want to continue to grow.

You made a comment about you and Chris being real friends. How did you support him in the middle of all he’s gone through?
When he was going through everything, I didn’t care. We just clicked. I don’t look at the media because I know it’s not real what they put on you. You gotta vibe with a person. I know when I used to vibe with him he wasn’t the person that people were making him out to be.

Did you reach out to him or go visit him while he was behind bars?

No he didn’t have visitors. I visited him when he was in rehab because that was close to my house so I used to take my son up there. Hang out with him whatever….but I think basically, he got his album out, which is good. I think this album that we’re gonna put out [Fan of a Fan 2], people are really gonna’ gravitate to it.

Have you decided when it’s coming out?
Nah. [Chris, Trey Songz and myself] are going on tour soon, but me and Chris’s album might not drop [this year]. It’s supped to drop Christmas but, if it doesn’t I think Valentines Day is cool too. We gotta’ figure out what’s best and the right plan but all the music is there.

What jewel would you deliver to the younger version of yourself? 
Distance yourself from people and stay focused. When I had a kid, my focus changed. I wanted a kid, so my focus started to change ‘cause ideally I don’t wanna’ be talking to all these girls.

You’re the family guy.
All that other stuff, it’s just in the way. It has no meaning. So you try to find more people and more things that are meaningful. A lot of this stuff in life, it’s not meaningful. Why would you waste your time doing a bunch of nothing?



Bravo TV reality show cast member Geneva Thomas, was allegedly arrested for cracking a bottle over a woman's head while filming for the show. 
According to TMZ reports, Geneva was on a boat shooting for the show Blood, Sweat and Heels, when an argument began. That's allegedly when she picked up a bottle and cracked it on the woman's head. It is reported the lady #nameless went to the hospital and received stitches. Geneva Thomas made TMZ reports last month for allegedly skipping out on an $18 can fare. I have a hard time believing that one... But I guess we'll have to tune into the next season of Blood Sweat & Heels to see what really went down. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Seen here with dear friend Oprah, designer Oscar De La Renta has died. 
He will truly be missed by the fashion world and family.
(CNN) - Legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, who spent half a century putting high society in haute couture, has died. He was 82.
The man -- often described as the "sultan of suave" -- dressed every first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy. Among those whose glamor factor his dresses jazzed up: Oprah Winfrey, Ann Hathaway and, most recently, George Clooney's bride Amal Alamuddin.
"We will always remember him as the man who made women look and feel beautiful," former first lady Laura Bush said late Monday night. De la Renta designed the wedding dress for her daughter, Jenna.
The cause of death announced by close family friends and industry colleagues, was not immediately clear. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, but said last year he was "totally clean."
"The only realities in life are that you are born, and that you die," he told an audience at New York's 92Y "Fashion Talks" series in June 2013. "We always think we are going to live forever. The dying aspect we will never accept. The one thing about having this kind of warning is how you appreciate every single day of life."
And what a life he lived.
"He was a true, true gentlemen, in the truest sense of the word -- a real bright light -- and this is just a terrible, terrible loss for the fashion world," said Alina Cho, fashion journalist and editor at large at Random House.
Born July 22, 1932, in the Dominican Republic, de la Renta was the only son of seven children.
"My father had different aspirations for me than I had for myself," he told the "Fashion Talks" audience. "If I ever told my father I would become a fashion designer, he would drop dead on the spot."
This obituary includes biographical information from Vogue magazine,, Current Biography, Contemporary Fashion and Dictionary of Hispanic Biography.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Tianas single Batty Rider produced by Fireside Imperial/ChrisRock Music (above) has taken the dancehall by storm racking up over 50k views on her Vevo channel and also making its way up dancehall charts. This amazing video is a remake of Buju Bantons 1993 mega hit 'Batty Rider', with a sexy 2014 twist.
(Jamaica Observer) TWENTY-TWO years ago, a hot young deejay named Buju Banton topped dancehall charts with the rocking Batty Rider. Produced by Penthouse Records, it was one of his breakout songs.
Singjay Danielle 'Tiana' Shand is hoping for similar luck with her remake of the 1992 track, which was released a week ago.
"So far, the response has been really good and I really hope it will reach places," she said.
Her version of Batty Rider was co-produced by Chris Rock and Australian Fireside. The song's raunchy lyrics suit Tiana's new outrageous look.
A few weeks ago, she traded her conservative image for one she describes as "bold, blond and bald".
"It fierce and I like it. I rid myself of the innocent look and decided to get an image that will blend well with the music that I am doing," she told the Jamaica Observer. "Some of my fans usually say that they were surprised by my 'innocent' look because of the songs that I do... this image is more fitting."
The 25-year-old's other new releases are Talk it Out and Wine Pon You which were done with DI and Version, respectively.
On May 14, Tiana starts three months of gigs in Europe. For the first month, she will perform alongside deejay Alkaline, then goes solo for the remaining shows.
While satisfied with the current state of her career, she says it is still challenging for women to make it in a male-dominated industry.
"Some lack a proper management team or took time out to focus on family. It's a struggle out there," she said. "But the new generation of females are working twice as hard, we are releasing lots of worthy singles and music videos."
From St Mary, Tiana surfaced in 2009 with the single I Won't, produced by her manager, Carlington Wilmot. That song addressed domestic violence and was inspired by the infamous incident involving pop stars Chris Brown and Rihanna.
Her breakthrough single came the following year with No Man Can Talk Bad Bout Mi produced by the Subkonshus label.
More currently, Media House/Outa Road Production presents the dancehall duchess Tiana with "Balance Pon Mi Head". Although she has been very busy touring the world, Tiana has made time to deliver new music for her fans and dancehall lovers. Her latest "Balance Pon Mi Head" is now available on iTunes distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital.

Stay in touch with Tiana
Instagram @TianaDancehallDuchess
Twitter @TianaMusic


Veteran reggae star and lovers rock pioneer John Holt has died in a London hospital, aged 69.

News of the Jamaican singer’s death came on October 19 from Copeland Forbes, Holt’s manager since 2006, who confirmed his death to Jamaica Observer Online. “John died at 2:40am English time. His [John’s] nephew informed [us] of his death.” The cause of Holt’s death has yet to be confirmed. 

Born in Kingston, Holt first rose to fame as a member of The Paragons in the 1960s, a group in which he penned The Tide Is High, a track which saw global notoriety in the 1980s with Blondie’s cover. During his time in the rocksteady group, he also penned hits including Tonight, Ali Baba, I See Your Face, and Wear You to the Ball.

In 1970, Holt left the Paragons to focus on his solo career, and soon became one of the biggest names in reggae, with his track Stick By Me, recorded with producer Bunny Lee, listed as the biggest-selling Jamaican record of 1972. 

A crucial figure in Jamaican culture, Holt’s sound was known for its smooth ballad-styled qualitiesThis morning, the music industry has paid its respects, with Trojan Records hailing him as a “huge talent and a true gentleman”.

His last solo album was Peacemaker, released in 1993.

Article courtesy of the

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Way to go Chrissy Teigen, for standing up to racism! After popular designer Michael Costello allegedly made some very racist comments to followers on his Instagram page, he then tried to cover it up, after followers screenshot and started to repost it. 

The comment read; "Your just probably a dumb nigger defending her. I am royalty bitch! I dressed Beyonce! Who are they gonna believe!" -Michael Costello

Apparently Mr,Costello forgot how many followers could be watching at that very moment and screenshot the comment before he subsequently deleted it. As instagram users began reposting the racist comment, they used the hashtag #MichaelCostello, some even calling for a boycott! 
He then began a contest using the same #hashtag in an effort to cover up and/or over shadow his racist comments. 

Wife of John Legend and Model Chrissy Teigen left a very firm message on his page showing her disgust of his racist comment. 

Her comment read; "So you say all that racist shit and get that horrible press with people using the hashtag #michaelcostello to call you out on it, then you create a contest where you beg people to use the same tag but in a positive light. Covered up all the negative press. Genius and shady all at once. Start a PR firm. Xx"

Her comment was of course later deleted, but not before swift instagramers screenshot and reposted it! If more celebrities took a stand against the wrong doing of their peers, maybe we would see a difference in how so called "Royalty" as Costello called himself, treats others especially publicly. #MichaelCostello boast about dressing Beyonce I'm curious to her take on his use of the word "Nigger". Salute Mrs.Teigen!

The question is, how did all this start? I've done a little research and came across a boutique on instagram @flyeffortlessly87 (please see picture) who alleges Michael Costello purchased an item from her, which she designed and later began posting it on his models, changed the name of the dress, and advertised it as if it were one of his designs. The page has PayPal images showing the sale, and images of the dress on both pages.
This is certainly an interesting twist.

Someone whos twitter bio claims to be Michael Costellos publicist, tweeted me saying "@prgirlangel @EntPrescription The image is a fake. You can read his full statement here >> "

My reply was, "How was I able to see the comment on his page if it is fake?" I have yet to get a reply.