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Saturday, June 26, 2010


As if making a come back with hit songs like "Hold The Line" w/Santigold, and "Dem ah Pree" wasnt enough, Mr Lexx is now also taking over the big screen. He guest stars in an independent film "Wah Do Dem" written, directed and produced by Ben Chace and Sam Fleischneryes. In "Wah Do Dem", young Brooklyn musician Max (Sean Bones) decides to go on a Caribbean cruise alone when his girlfriend Willow (Norah Jones) dumps him cold two days before the trip. Once in Jamaica, Max quickly escapes the tourist zone for more "authentic" surroundings and in the process is robbed of his possessions and is stranded, and literally misses the boat. As Max sets out for the American Embassy in Kingston on foot, Jamaica is waiting to meet him with unexpected and extraordinary encounters, including a full-moon celebration with the legendary reggae group The Congos, and a dreamy stay with a Rasta prophet.

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Upcoming Screenings
•NEW YORK | Cinema Village | Jun 18 - Jun 25 WAH DO DEM NR Running Time 1:16 9:15p
•LOS ANGELES | The Egyptian | Jun 18 - Jun 25 WAH DO DEM NR Running Time Two showings: 7:30 PM & 9:00 PM [Spielberg Theatre]
•BOSTON | Somerville Theatre | Jun 25 - Jul 2 WAH DO DEM NR Running Time 3:00 | 7:15 | 9:00

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After a 1 month stand off between Jamaican security forces and citizens of Tivoli Gardens in search for Christopher "Coke" Dudus, he has been captured and brought to New York City to face federal charges. Dudus was said to be on his way to turn himself into American officials in Jamaica when he and his advisors were stopped and he was subsequently arrested. As the pictures below show, he was in disguise when caught, but appeared to be happy that it was over. Dudus reportedly told one reporter he was "just happy to be alive". Full story about Dudus below in my previous article.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Long time rivals Deva Bratt and Munga Honorable, are scheduled to clash at "The Settlement", a stage show that allows rivals to war lyrically on stage. As you may remember in Decemeber 2007 at Stone Love's Anniversary Party, Munga was performing "Auto Tune" on stage when Deva Bratt approached the stage and pushed one of Munga's entourage member off the stage. Munga then attacked Deva Bratt with a Mic to the head,the two duked it out on stage until they were bother escorted out of the venue. Although the physical fight started there, the two had been battling lyrically for many weeks prior.
Shortly thereafter the Stone Love incident, Deva Bratt was arrested and spent approximately 9 months in jail for incidents not related to the fight. Upon his release both artist recorded diss tracks targeted at each other and showcased them on youtube. This "settlement" is 3 years in the making, and will be nothing short of absolute excitement! The stage is set Saturday June 26 2010 at the Kingston Polo Club. Who will reign supreme?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Gyptian is suffering from head injuries as a result of a recent motorcycle accident that took place this week. His publicist states " he will be ok", however Gyptian had been undergoing MRI testing and in the care of Andrews Memorial Hospital.

Gyptian has regained international success with his hit single "Hold Yuh". It has climbed numerous charts and reached number one on many charts as well. "Hold Yuh" debut on the Billboard Chart at #96, and has since climbed to #46. The single has been counteracted by many artist including Lady Saw, and also got a hip hop boost on the single from Young Money's first lady and hottest female rapper right now, Nicki Minaj. The remix was controversial due to Minaj's usual sexually explicit lyrics and mentions of what some consider lesbian activities. Check out the song and remixes below.