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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Housewives Drama

More #Housewives #Drama #FunFact 25% of cast members to the #RealHousewives #Franchise end up in divorce πŸ˜±πŸ˜” #DinaManzo #MaryAmos #TaylorArmstrong #TamraBarney #LynneCurtin #LuAnnDeLesseps #BethanyFrankel #BrandiGlanville #CamilleGrammer #VickiGunvalson #JeanaKeough #NeneLeakes πŸ™‹However she did remarry her husband on the same show... #AdrienneMaloof #CatherineOmmaney #MichaeleSalahi #DeshawnSnow #StacieScott #LisaWu πŸ“° all divorced during, shortly before or shortly after appearing on the show. ⁉️ Real Housewives of New York" star Ramona Singer has filed for divorce ... and judging from her legal docs she's out for blood in the wake of rumors her hubby cheated on her. 

According to legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Ramona wants ALL of their houses -- an apartment in NYC and a house in the ritzy Hamptons.

Earlier this week Ramona called 911 for a domestic dispute after she claimed to have found Mario -- her husband of more than 2 decades -- in the house with another woman.

Ramona says the marriage is irretrievably broken ... and says it's been that way for at least 6 months.

The couple has one daughter ... who is 18.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


πŸ’Ž #chainingday for #JCole - J Cole celebrated his 29th #birthday with a #starstudded #party / #performance including #KendrickLamar and #JayZ he also got the best gift #JayZ could give anyone half way through his performance. #Jayz said "First of all, Happy birthday to J Cole, it's his birthday, but he's giving gifts, so I think it's only right that you get a gift. That on your neck, is my ORIGINAL #ROC chain - and it's yours" πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ The crowd went wild as #JCole jokingly said, "that's all I ever really wanted" πŸ˜‚

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


UrbanClout is said to be the world's leading Internet television network for enjoying urban influenced TV shows and movies. For free, UrbanClout members can watch as much as they want, when they want, on nearly any Internet-connected screen.

UrbanClout is also home to Strip Club Queens, Atlanta; “a new reality docu-drama that breaks down the stereotypes of exotic-dancers and provides an in-depth look into their lives, their dreams and goals, and the hardships they face working in the strip club environment. This dynamic series takes audiences behind the scenes of the multi-billion dollar strip club industry and explores some of the life-changing moments that lead these mothers, daughters, students, and entrepreneurs to become exotic dancers. Each of the dancers offer viewers a totally different perspective into the personal lives of woman in this line of work - following them as they embark on their individual journeys, inside and outside of the club.” The series premiered in March 2013.
I heard the buzz about the series mostly on Instagram. I happened to have been following one of the cast members, Farrari, and her stylist Perez, who have recently been posting reminders about the highly anticipated season 2.

I took the last few hours to watch the full season 1, currently on the UrbanCloud website. Each episode was 20-22 minutes long, with no commercial or advertising interruptions.

Watching the series, I found it to be more of a documentary than anything else. Unlike most reality show episodes, plots were not very clear, although a storyline was formed and kept throughout the series. Each episode gave a realistic account of work-place drama and issues in the world of professional exotic dancing. From stealing money, to stealing boyfriends, jealousy and body types, black vs white, and suing for child support! The lovely ladies of Diamonds of Atlanta are paid and they are not afraid to say it! Luxury cars and lavish homes aren’t just for the Housewives of Atlanta, they’re also for the dancers  of Atlanta! 2 of the cast members in  separate scenes drove a Ferrari and a Mercedes Benz. While another talked about the 2 homes she owns.

Ferrari, Boy Toy, Bebe, Ginger, Sinna and Kat are the ladies of Strip Club Queens- Atlanta. And here’s my take on each of the characters they portray.

Kimberly “Farrari”: The blonde bombshell, country girl taking over the city, seems to be the “outsider” amongst the girls, called “baldhead junkie by Boy Toy”.

Rachel “Boy Toy”: The “boujee”, brickhouse body Mom and dancer, currently dating “Mister”, who used to date “Farrari’s” friend Keke, “called monkey with a wig by Farrari”.


Latashia “Bebe The Body”: The well-spoken, feisty, no-nonsense baddie, who always tells you what’s on her mind, “called the Beautiful Black Bitch by Kat”, s/n her Dad is Indian and Irish. And according to her,Kat "pops Molly and she sweats 'whew' " .

Sparkle “Ginger”: The friend that has her girls back, she needs more screen time for me to figure her out.

Sinna: The soft spoken red bone, who claims, “I don’t fuck with bitches like that...”. Didn't see to much of her on this season either.

Kat: The "crazy white girl", who  feels bullied by the “black girls”, and also got “shit faced” drunk and fell asleep at work, started going to the gym after a fellow dancer made a joke that she looked pregnant, I think Kat will stay in some drama.

I have to be honest; I’m completely hooked! Like all the fans, I will be waiting patiently for season 2 to begin, ESPECIALLY, because after following the rest of the cast members on Instagram, it seems there may be more than a little drama on the next season. Far from totally ratchet, the ladies give us the nicer side of hood girls, hustling money in the trap. Some improvements I hope to see with production is better sound editing, and more turnt up scenes! The calm walks, and talks over Rose` are great, but we want ACTION!! And based on Farrari’s instagram posts, there is more than enough of that to go around! Will Boy Toy’s love interest, “Mister” be revealed? Does Kat survive at the club being “bullied”? Will Farrari and Boy Toy make up?

Log in now! You can also download Urban Clout in the app store and google play.

Follow the cast and crew on instagram;

@kingfarrarijones @boytoyyouabitch @bebethebody @gingerbreadgerl @4chvl @iamkrazykat

@urbanclout @stripclubqueens
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Marcia Griffiths 50th year in the music business

🎼 Reportedly, as part of celebrations marking her 50th year in the music business, Marcia Griffiths will record an album of cover songs paying homage to her biggest influences.
Songs That Inspire Me, Songs I Love to Sing is the name of the set which is being produced by Donovan Germain of Penthouse Records.
Griffiths did not name the songs she is covering, but said soul singer Carla Thomas' No Time to Lose will be included. She sang that hit when she made her debut on Easter Monday, 1964, at the Carib cinema
in Kingston.
She cites Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin and Nancy Wilson, who emerged during the 1960s, as major influences.
"Those days we were influenced by American music because that is all we could hear. Germain and I decided that we should put this album together, so we are currently working on it," Griffiths said during the Jamaica Observer's Monday Exchange at the newspaper's Beechwood Avenue headquarters.
Griffiths -- a former member of Bob Marley's harmony trio, I-Three -- said her album will be released this year. Her only hope is it will appeal to disc jocks.
"You can't get a record played on radio these days without giving disc jocks a coil of money. Their policy is 'No Pay, No Play'. And I'm not paying!" she told the Jamaica Observer. "That's the number one setback to the industry."
The Electric Boogie singer explained that if any of her record does get played, it is one from her early years, which is a complaint from her contemporaries.
"Like that is all that I'm known for," she said.
She said that, despite the obstacles, she has no difficulty in staying current.
"Most of the young artistes want to do collabs, and being at Penthouse is a plus, as they're many young artistes there," she said.
Penthouse helped nurture the career of Buju Banton and Wayne Wonder, and currently has Romain Virgo on its roster.
Griffiths said Thursday's performance at Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival at the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium will cover her enduring career -- from the 1960s rocksteady era to the roots-reggae period a decade later to her current work.
"We will be touching on each decade and, of course, I am going to have a few friends who will be sharing the stage with me. Persons who I have not seen in a long time," she said. #marciagriffiths #reggae #dancehall #jamaica #roots #rock #rootsrockreggae #bobmarley #musicbusiness #50years #rocksteady πŸ’―

Toni Braxton's $3 Million Home.... AFTER BANKRUPTCY!

#tonibraxton catching slack after allegedly purchasing a $3 Million home shortly after a #bankruptcy case 😱

#TMZ reports - Reality TV can pull you out of bankruptcy and get you a $3 million house next to Justin Bieber ... all in 6 MONTHS ... and Toni Braxton's living proof.

Real estate sources tell TMZ, Toni -- whose reality show "Braxton Family Values" is already on its third season -- just purchased a mansion for close to $3 million in Calabasas' exclusive gated community The Oaks ... just a few houses down from Justin.

The house is 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and measures 5,323 sq. ft.

Technically, it's the smallest house in the neighborhood ... but still, not too bad for someone who was dead ass broke less than a year ago.

Toni's real estate purchase has to sting for her old creditors -- as we reported, when Braxton filed for bankruptcy in 2010 (for the second time) she claimed debts as high as $50,000,000 ... and only ended up repaying a tiny fraction of that before the debts were cleared entirely.

Only in America ...

TI and Tiny Break Up?

😞 #Rumors are swirling about a possible break up or separation of one of ATL's favorite couples, #TI and #TINY. However, friend to the family and fellow reality star on #FamilyHustle, Shekinah, posted a picture captioned "People stop with the BS @majorgirl and @troubleman31 are good!!!! (They are still together)..."

Earlier reported "A well-connected insider has just confirmed the rumors that Atlanta Power couple Clifford “T.I.” Harris, Jr. and his wife of 4 years, former Xscape singer Tameka “Tiny” Harris, have separated. The couple reportedly split on on Saturday shortly after arriving in Los Angeles to attend the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, according to my source.

T.I. was so distraught by the break up that he canceled his appearance on Sunday night’s live telecast of The Grammys where he was nominated for 3 awards.

This is very sad news for fans of both T.I. and Tiny. It is unclear how the break up will affect T.I. and Tiny’s popular reality TV series on VH1.

All couples experience ups and downs during the course of their relationships. In Tiny and T.I.’s case, the pressures were unrelenting. For instance, there are rumors that T.I. recently violated Tiny’s trust by sleeping with one of her female friends. But that’s nothing new.

Another rumor has it that T.I. refused to support Tiny’s new business venture, a line of tequila, because he feels it sends the wrong message to their young fans. T.I. and Tiny have 2 sons together. T.I. also has 3 children with other women, and Tiny has a daughter from a previous relationship.

T.I. and Tiny have gone their separate ways in years past, but they always resolved their issues and got back together for the sake of their beautiful children.

T.I. Loves Tiny so much but he’s a man, and as such he should be allowed to do what comes naturally to men. If their Love is strong they will get back together. As my source said, “There’s hope.” " hmmmm..

Monday, January 27, 2014

Florida getting closer to legalizing medical marijuana πŸ‘€

 — A Florida measure that would allow the use of medical marijuana has cleared its final hurdle and will be on the November ballot.

The state Supreme Court on Monday approved the language for the proposed constitutional amendment.

The justices gave its approval by a 4-3 vote just three days after a petition drive reached the required number of signatures to place the measure on the ballot.

The decision is a defeat for Attorney General Pam Bondi, who challenged the ballot language by saying it's misleading.

Personal injury lawyer John Morgan has spent about $4 million to place the issue before voters.

Gov. Rick Scott is opposed to medical marijuana. His Democrats challengers, state Sen. Nan Rich and former Gov. Charlie Crist, both support it.

Read more here:

Monday, January 20, 2014


Dancehall artist Macka Diamond posted a very controversial picture on her Instagram a short time ago. 
This is of course a very controversial picture, and I can imagine the video will be as well. Her caption below the picture states "Tell wicked heart! Stop fighting me cause people like di likkle light in me"
Be that as it may Macka, I have a feeling this isn't gonna go over well with your religious, God fearing fans.
Some of her Instagram followers replied: "Tf??" (meaning what the fu%#) and
 "Um dat an abomination for yuh nuh worthy like Jesus Christ to be pon di cross @mackadiamond1"

This comes all to familiar to the 1999 video for Nas ft Puff Daddy "Hate Me Now" video debacle. The music video for the single was directed by Hype Williams and featured Nas being crucified , was the subject of extreme controversy, as the original edit also featured Puff Daddy on the cross. Puffy had demanded that his crucifixion scene be excised from the broadcast edit of the video, but the wrong edit was incorrectly sent to MTV and TRL, and aired on April 15, 1999. Within minutes of the broadcast, Puffy had barged into the offices of Nas' manager Steve Stoute with several bodyguards, and struck Stoute over the head with a champagne bottle. Stoute later sued Puffy, the suit was settled out of court.

Monday, January 6, 2014


Grace "Spice" Hamilton, and her children's father have taken to Instagram to vent aggravations of alleged indiscretions. 
It appears he found some provocative photos in her phone, and took to social media to sound off!
The father of her two children made a post a few hours ago stating, " I have taken a lot of shit where your music is concern, but this is too fkn far....".
Spice replied in a separate post stating "since as the pics bun you so much that you decide to post on your IG and FB page let me help you KMFT" 
She went on to say the pictures are from her video shoot for her single "So Mi Like It" and she doesn't understand why he would put them on social media. 

This is getting HOT.... "SO WE LIKE IT".

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@SpiceOfficial and her feuding baby daddy @nicholaslall