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Tuesday, December 31, 2013



According to Laing, Sizzla has been banned because he was repeatedly warned not to go on stage during the Boxing Day event and promote hate music.

Laing continued that although D'Angel was not booked for the show, she is banned as a patron because of her "embarrassing" stint during Ninja Man's set.

"We repeatedly told Sizzla not to do any hate music and he went up there and did it. D'Angel is banned for at least 5 years as a patron. We don't need your money D'Angel. Stay home. Watch the event on pay-per-view next year."

In a release to the media, the promoters of Sting - Supreme Promotions and Downsound Records - stated that that they have taken steps to force "corrective actions" from some artistes.

"We remain committed to advancing Reggae/dancehall music and the industry. We will continue to strive to improve our product and are confident that with your support we will achieve our aim," a spokesperson said.
Article courtesy of;
Jamaica Gleaner, Davina Henry, Staff Reporter
PRGirlAngel Views-
While D'angels impromptu "performance" was a bit "much", quite honestly, it was not any more slack than some other female performers. Therefore, the explanation of her being banned because of embarrassment sounds more like an excuse, making the decision seem more justified. Simply put, she was not booked for Sting, and jumping on stage more than once, was done in bad judgment. Banning her for 5 years does seem extreme. I am interested to hear what the outspoken female deejay has to say about this.
Sizzla will never stop the fire from burning! Anyone booking Sizzla for any type of event is fully aware of this. He has never waivered his views and outspoken lyrics against gays, and injustice, so why would they think he would do it for Sting?
Sting was a great production this year. From the vibrant stage to the artist performances, however, because for the first time the stage show was broadcast on pay per view, organizers may have expected artist to water down their performances for a broader audience. Sorry, not gonna happen! Sting is Sting, and should not, and could not be watered down by any means.

Monday, December 30, 2013


After dethroning Kiprich as "Clash King" at Sting 2013, the crowned, reigning Sting champion hits the studio. 
Black Ryno aka Ryno Di Stinga is currently voicing with producer "Weedseed" of Star Music in Portmore. 
The first song voiced will be on the Happy Day riddim, titled "Baddest Thing". Other artist on the riddim include Sting 2013 performers Ishawna, Specialist, Don Husky, and also Anthony B to name a few.
Ryno has been added to Star Musics annual bash "29 Strong". The star studded line up also includes Jah Cure, Bounty KIlla, Sizzla, and many more. This event takes place February 28 2014 in Bull Bay Jamaica. More details to come.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013





Monday, December 23, 2013


Sting 2013 has created history bringing "The Original Don Dadda" - Supercat back to the island of his birth, Jamaica. This marking the 30 year anniversary of the world renowned "Sting Jamaica", producers of the show are pulling out all the stops this year. The show boast of local and international A-list artist such as Grammy Award winning, Wyclef Jean, platinum recording rapper, 2 Chainz, Beenie Man, Mavado, the legendary Super Cat and many more.
December 22 2013 was William Maragh the "Wild Apaches" first time back in Jamaica in over 10 years! His arrival in Jamaica was nothing short of shock, excitement and disbelief. His appearance has changed since the public last seen him, but his wit and charisma remains the same. Social media went into a frenzy when photos and videos began being posted from his Homecoming Celebration at Cockburn Gardens Primary & Junior High School, St. Andrew Jamaica.
The Don Dadda previously spoke about his ills with the music industry on an on air interview with Link Up Radio 93.5 FM in New York / Hot 102 Jamaica. In this same interview he spoke of conspiracies and actual threats against his career and life. It was also noted there had allegedly been a broadcast on Fox 5 News reporting his "death" in 1996, stating he died in Kings County Hospital. An apparent case of identity theft, or conspiracy derived from unknown sources, changed his life, career, and status dramatically. As a reggae ambassador, Super Cat is quoted as saying "I going to stand up as a great revolutionary into this business of ours that's called reggae, because there's a reggae revolution going on, and I'm a soldier, in the army of reggae, and if they cannot represent themselves, well them goin have to kill Dadda for it, for I am standing up for mine, and not only for mine, for the rest of the youth them out of the ghetto".
This could be the very come back Super Cat fans have long awaited. Shows are being promoted in US states for the months following Sting. The Don Dadda IS BACK!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


After a 12 week competition on the Emmy-winning talent show, Tessanne Chin took the title last night, "Winner of The Voice 2013, Season 5"
The Jamaican singer wowed judges and fans with a classic, hit song, “I Have Nothing” by the late Whitney Houston on Monday’s final live performance show.
"I never felt safe," Chin said after Monday's performance. "Not until last week."
It's clear Tessanne saved her best for last. None of her recordings reached Billboard's charts during the season though her rendition of Paul Simon's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is poised to enter the Hot Digital Songs chart on Wednesday on sales of 60,000. Her biggest seller previously was her take on Cliff's  "Many Rivers to Cross," which sold 24,000, according to SoundScan.
Her plans are not to make a "reggae" album, but is quoted as saying (reggae) "will always be a part of what I do," she said after Monday's performances. "Maybe not in a direct sense, but my music will always have that (swagger). It's who I am. I think the key to making great music is to stay true to yourself so (the listener) can relate to that."
The finale boasted a star-studded set on The Voice as R&B and Pop A-listers, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Ne-Yo and OneRepublic all took to the stage to celebrate the season five finale and welcome  the shows newest champion.

Chins fellow Jamaicans could not have been more proud! Instagram and twitter was on a #TeamTessanne #TeamJamaica overload while the finale aired! The picture above shows fans and friends at a watch party / celebration in the community of Half Way Tree Jamaica.

Tessanne Chin IS THE VOICE!!! Congratulations! You have showed the world the strength and talent of Caribbean people.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Bounty Killer Unleashes New Single Inspired by Iconic Movie "The Harder They Come"

Now celebrating its 40th anniversary,  The Harder They Come has inspired countless reggae music love-ins on college campuses and among Jamaicans around the world.  Now the iconic movie can add a dancehall rhythm to its list of tributes, as One Jam Music releases Bounty Killer's blazing  Harder -- a devastating response to all his challengers, and the teaser to One Jam's latest production, the Harder Than Hard album slated for release in early 2014.

Harder Than Hard is the brainchild and labor of love of One Jam Music, a boutique reggae music label. The project was inspired by the classic 1972 Jimmy Cliff film written and directed by Perry Henzell and co-written by Trevor D. Rhone. Considered a cult classic, The Harder They Come was the first film made in Jamaica shortly after independence, one of the most successful independent films of all time and “the soundtrack album has joined Marley’s catalog as reggae’s cornerstones” (SF Chronicle).

Continuing the firsts, Harder Than Hard will be the first riddim-driven album that will use samples and themes from one movie as the basis for all the songs on the compilation. The album, slated for release in early 2014, will feature a star-studded cast of established and rising dancehall and reggae artists and will lead off with the single Harder from Grammy nominated international star Bounty Killer.

On the eve of "Sting" 2013, dubbed "The greatest dancehall show on earth," the dancehall world has been eagerly awaiting a response from Bounty Killer to challenges and insults hurled at him in recent months from Mr. Vegas, Anthony B, and most recently Mavado. The Warlord has finally responded, and it is with devastating impact. The musical response Harder, which conjures up memories of a favorite dancehall era when lyrical battles were en vogue and reached their highpoint at Sting, draws dialog samples from The Harder They Come, and in true Killer style delivers a verbal lashing to his challengers.

While the single for Harder will be available on all major digital outlets served by digital giants 21st Hapilos Digital, the 40-year legacy and enduring potency of The Harder They Come is being celebrated by the film’s owners, International Films Limited (IFM) and their distribution partners. IFM, Syndctd Entertainment and Xenon Pictures will digitally release the film on iTunes and through VHX in late December. A blu-ray is set for Spring 2014 and various Harder They Come theatrical screenings / reggae music parties will roll out through 2014 on college campuses and with Jamaican diaspora groups and roots reggae groups in Boston, Brooklyn, Toronto and all over the globe.

Article courtesy of MPR Consulting

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Monday, December 9, 2013


Jamaica, U.S.A  - Musical beefs are a thing of the norm, words thrown are always to be expected in a musical arena. Whether direct or subliminal, artists of all genres have often taken to the mic to convey and insinuate.

With dancehall star Ding Dong new pop-up single "Doh Size Up", the buzz is that the artist is taking shots at someone, but who the recipient of this musical attack is, remains a mystery. Speculations and the streets have thrown various names but to date there has been no confirmation. Ding Dong and his management have yet to comment.

Produced by Lockecity Music Group, the video was shot and edited by Dante for Team Elite Productions.

article courtesy of MPR Consulting


One of Jamaica's leading media powerhouses, Jamaica Observer has launched an android app, making news and information available to readers worldwide at the touch of a button. Observer previously launched a Blackberry app, so the Android app was inevitable! The app is fully functional, and has every section, and sub-section, included as the actual website. I would like to see more share options (i.e. Whats App, Google Hangout, Facebook Messenger) for articles. Currently "Facebook", and "Twitter" are the only share options available. The app boast to be the "most comprehensive way to get all your local and international news", I couldn't agree more! Great move Observer!

Friday, December 6, 2013

The first release from Portmore based label, Star Music, is here! The much anticipated "Happy Day" riddim, boast upbeat tracks from reggae and dancehall greats such as Anthony B and other artist such as Specialist, Don Husky, Ninja Kidd, Flexxx, Naziir, Stalkazz, King Asar, Ishawna and Pretti Kitti.
If you missed the premiere of the Happy Day riddim on Sun City Radio 104.9 FM Portmore, make sure and tune in to check it out, or click the link below to sample, and purchase your favorite tracks!

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Controversial dancehall deejay Deva Bratt, recently began his US tour. This is the deejays first US tour, and the streets are buzzing only a week into his entrance in the United States. Deva Bratt is popularly known for hit songs like "Bag a Talking/Gussie Clarke", and "Bungle a Gyal". Mr. "Actually Factually" is recording under his Krucial Konflict label formed in 2009. Look out for an exclusive interview from Deva Bratt, discussing life after Sting, new projects, and how he has maintained his lyrical eminence for all these years. Make sure your subscribed to this blog (, to get the exclusive!

Upcoming appearances:
Monday December 9 2013 Club Lux Springfield MA
Tuesday December 10 2013 Kabbalah Hartford CT
Saturday December 14 2013 Albany Manor NY
Friday January 24 2014 Vybz Lounge Fort Lauderdale FL
Twitter: @RealDevaBratt
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