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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


UrbanClout is said to be the world's leading Internet television network for enjoying urban influenced TV shows and movies. For free, UrbanClout members can watch as much as they want, when they want, on nearly any Internet-connected screen.

UrbanClout is also home to Strip Club Queens, Atlanta; “a new reality docu-drama that breaks down the stereotypes of exotic-dancers and provides an in-depth look into their lives, their dreams and goals, and the hardships they face working in the strip club environment. This dynamic series takes audiences behind the scenes of the multi-billion dollar strip club industry and explores some of the life-changing moments that lead these mothers, daughters, students, and entrepreneurs to become exotic dancers. Each of the dancers offer viewers a totally different perspective into the personal lives of woman in this line of work - following them as they embark on their individual journeys, inside and outside of the club.” The series premiered in March 2013.
I heard the buzz about the series mostly on Instagram. I happened to have been following one of the cast members, Farrari, and her stylist Perez, who have recently been posting reminders about the highly anticipated season 2.

I took the last few hours to watch the full season 1, currently on the UrbanCloud website. Each episode was 20-22 minutes long, with no commercial or advertising interruptions.

Watching the series, I found it to be more of a documentary than anything else. Unlike most reality show episodes, plots were not very clear, although a storyline was formed and kept throughout the series. Each episode gave a realistic account of work-place drama and issues in the world of professional exotic dancing. From stealing money, to stealing boyfriends, jealousy and body types, black vs white, and suing for child support! The lovely ladies of Diamonds of Atlanta are paid and they are not afraid to say it! Luxury cars and lavish homes aren’t just for the Housewives of Atlanta, they’re also for the dancers  of Atlanta! 2 of the cast members in  separate scenes drove a Ferrari and a Mercedes Benz. While another talked about the 2 homes she owns.

Ferrari, Boy Toy, Bebe, Ginger, Sinna and Kat are the ladies of Strip Club Queens- Atlanta. And here’s my take on each of the characters they portray.

Kimberly “Farrari”: The blonde bombshell, country girl taking over the city, seems to be the “outsider” amongst the girls, called “baldhead junkie by Boy Toy”.

Rachel “Boy Toy”: The “boujee”, brickhouse body Mom and dancer, currently dating “Mister”, who used to date “Farrari’s” friend Keke, “called monkey with a wig by Farrari”.


Latashia “Bebe The Body”: The well-spoken, feisty, no-nonsense baddie, who always tells you what’s on her mind, “called the Beautiful Black Bitch by Kat”, s/n her Dad is Indian and Irish. And according to her,Kat "pops Molly and she sweats 'whew' " .

Sparkle “Ginger”: The friend that has her girls back, she needs more screen time for me to figure her out.

Sinna: The soft spoken red bone, who claims, “I don’t fuck with bitches like that...”. Didn't see to much of her on this season either.

Kat: The "crazy white girl", who  feels bullied by the “black girls”, and also got “shit faced” drunk and fell asleep at work, started going to the gym after a fellow dancer made a joke that she looked pregnant, I think Kat will stay in some drama.

I have to be honest; I’m completely hooked! Like all the fans, I will be waiting patiently for season 2 to begin, ESPECIALLY, because after following the rest of the cast members on Instagram, it seems there may be more than a little drama on the next season. Far from totally ratchet, the ladies give us the nicer side of hood girls, hustling money in the trap. Some improvements I hope to see with production is better sound editing, and more turnt up scenes! The calm walks, and talks over Rose` are great, but we want ACTION!! And based on Farrari’s instagram posts, there is more than enough of that to go around! Will Boy Toy’s love interest, “Mister” be revealed? Does Kat survive at the club being “bullied”? Will Farrari and Boy Toy make up?

Log in now! You can also download Urban Clout in the app store and google play.

Follow the cast and crew on instagram;

@kingfarrarijones @boytoyyouabitch @bebethebody @gingerbreadgerl @4chvl @iamkrazykat

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  1. That's sad, not one of these women are cute nor natural, shows what type of women Atlanta is made up of..smfh, gotta do better people!!