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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Fluffy Miss Kitty sits down with Winford Williams for an exclusive interview to discuss her recent split from RJR communications. Miss Kitty will be releasing a track with rapper Eve from her upcoming album "Lip Lock" set to be released May 14 2013. She is now, also, hosting a morning show "Morning Link with Miss Kitty" on Link Up Radio 93.5 FM (  Miss Kitty stays ambitious, motivated and positive through the rumors and adversity. Salute Miss Kitty, may your continued journey through this business be a successful one.
Check out the link below.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


The rumors leaked yesterday that 2 friends of murder victim "Lizard" approached Vybz Kartel in his cell, after being booked in jail, and asked him why he killed their friend. Kartel is rumored to have responded "why mi woulda waan kill Lizard". What happened from their only God knows. Their are several rumors stating that he was then beaten brutally, some rumors state that a fight broke out, but guards were able to calm things down. (these would be the same guards who allegedly intentionally left a cell door open, giving the murder victims friends direct access to Kartel). A source has stated that the 2 friends of Lizard will more than likely be moved to a different jail to eliminate possible future incidents. Kartel as been in jail since September 2011.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rapper Trina's Brother reportedly shot and killed in Miami FL

The news has been buzzing all over the net today, that Trina has lost her brother. Wilbrent Bain Jr. was, like Trina, a Miami native. The details are few and far between, but we are learning that he was also shot back in 2008, but survived. Our prayers are with you and your family Trina. There are no official statements at this time. Trina has been notably absent from posting on Instagram, but did post the above picture of she and her brother on Facebook 35 minutes ago, with the comment "You hold a special place right here in my heart & that will never change I know you are well taken care of in Heaven & you are an angel looking down on me. ... You are forever in my heart love you brother .
R.I.P GONNKIEfeeling down."

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Lil Wayne deposition goes... a little like this.. "I DONT KNOW.. BUT I KNOW I DID PERFORM AT THIS BAD ASS B^$#H BIRTHDAY PARTY RECENTLY"

His conduct during this deposition may not fly over in a court of law, but it is certainly a good laugh, and definitely "HOOD CERTIFIED".
This deposition was released through TMZ some months back, and has re-surfaced on FB today. The video has over 5K likes, 700 comments, and 35,000 shares within only minutes! They don't like you Weezy, THEY LOVE YOU.

Foota Hype Proposes To Ishawna

Foota Hype recently shocked his girlfriend of 3 years and child's mother, and self proclaimed dancehall princess, Ishawna with a proposal. The setting was April 10, 2013 at Foota Hype's 12th Anniversary party, and Ishawna could not have been more surprised!

CONGRATS!! All the best to the lovely couple!

Friday, April 12, 2013


This afternoon, dancehall artist and the quickly rising star Chronixx, released a statement via facebook stating;
"Any dubplate and jingle session being advertised by dub dealers are not real (fake link). Chronixx is currently on tour in Europe and when he returns to Jamaica there wont be any dubplate session taking place. All sound systems and djs this is a warning that fake dealers are ripping off people.
Listen the link below to hear the fake dub session: "

Unfortunately, this is not the first time, and will not be the last time money hungry people victimize artist, and use their name for monetary gain. It's an age old trick that makes the artist look bad, and cause selectors to loose hundreds of dollars. If you are requesting dubplates or jingles from any artist, make sure you are speaking to someone directly linked to the artist. That could be management, PR, road manager, or booking agent. Never trust a third party unless, you confirm their affiliation with said artist.