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Friday, April 12, 2013


This afternoon, dancehall artist and the quickly rising star Chronixx, released a statement via facebook stating;
"Any dubplate and jingle session being advertised by dub dealers are not real (fake link). Chronixx is currently on tour in Europe and when he returns to Jamaica there wont be any dubplate session taking place. All sound systems and djs this is a warning that fake dealers are ripping off people.
Listen the link below to hear the fake dub session: "

Unfortunately, this is not the first time, and will not be the last time money hungry people victimize artist, and use their name for monetary gain. It's an age old trick that makes the artist look bad, and cause selectors to loose hundreds of dollars. If you are requesting dubplates or jingles from any artist, make sure you are speaking to someone directly linked to the artist. That could be management, PR, road manager, or booking agent. Never trust a third party unless, you confirm their affiliation with said artist.

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