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Monday, April 26, 2010


This morning April 26.2010, Mr.Lexx and his attorney left a New York Court House with good news. Mr.Lexx has finally been vindicated from the alleged, rape and sexual molestation charge brought fourth in October 2009. All charges have officially been dropped and Mr.Lexx is once again a free man. "The Prince" has been in New York for the duration of the case. While he was out on bail, the court required his passport be surrendered as they considered him to be a flight risk because of his international citizenship. Now that the case is over, he is free to fly the friendly skies. Mr.Lexx wishes to thank his fans and supporters for believing in him, and supporting him in his time of need.

Lexx has been working on a mixtape for the summer titled "LEX-I-CON" that will be released on MAY 7TH., just 4 days shy of his birthday :-) LOOK OUT FOR THAT!
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The masses have been waiting for an Aidonia vs Deva Bratt clash since 2007 when the former Portmore Empire stars first war of words. Well Easter Monday the stage was set in Portland JA at the Tichfield High School fete. Aidonia was scheduled to perform, and to the surprise of many, arrived with none other than Mr. Deva Bratt. This was a fundraising event for the High School, the atmosphere was upbeat and positive and when they took the stage it only got better. They shared the stage for close to 30 minutes and each performed a medley of their hits as the crowd roared for more! The energy was crazy, the vibes were MAD, the fans were energetic and the forwards didn't stop all night! So what do you think will be next, collaboration or clash? Check out the sneak preview below recorded by Krucial Konflict engineer AR15, not the best quality but you'll appreciate it!


Among being named on a list of artist who are delinquent in paying taxes, and could possibly have their US visa's revoked, Mavado and Bounty Killer should both be thankful for the light of day right now. Well, Bounty will be, soon I hope.

Rodney "Bounty Killa" Price, was arrested after a woman he was with for 3 years allegedly ended the relationship, and states at that time he got "CROSS, ANGRY, MISERABLE" and assaulted her causing bodily harm. These are not unfamiliar charges to Killa, and he has been in this hot previously for assaulting a previous mate. It is said that according to laws, anyone arrested has a right to make one phone call, and when he was given this right, he called the woman who allegedly filed charges and threatened her life, even in the presence of police. This act is said to be the reason he was not granted bail. I do not condone acts of violence upon woman by men, however, Bounty Killer has publicly admitted and boasted about "beating his women", he has never denied it. With that said, any woman who engages in a relationship with him is clearly walking into a fire pit. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT LADIES???? Now granted their are some woman out there who secretly like the beatings, who feel it makes them feel loved and wanted by the man, well if so be the case, why file charges??? Killa, I don't agree with what you do, but woman, you need to take responsibility too. Let me be the first to say, he just hasn't met his match yet. And no that's not a threat of any form, I love Killa, but hey, it is what it is. There are some woman who would pick up something, a pot, a pan, a iron, and knock him one good time in his head. I guess he hasn't come across ME, oops, i mean any of them yet... LOL

Wishing a speedy recovery to Mavado who sustained minor injuries in a motorcycle accident this week. There were not many details released but he is said to be OK, and doing well.


World clash certainly had it's ups and downs last night. I watched via a live stream on and actually bounced between one page with just audio, and one page with audio and video that seemed to chip in and out through out the clash, so first let me big up the 2 ustream pages, for audio, and for audio and video. Now in the beginning I must say Sentinel lead out most of the rounds. In fact by the time I got mad when Mighty Crown was kicked off, I hope that Sentinel would take it home. Many wondered who had this infamous Jay-Z Dub, and it was none other than Sentinel. Of course Mighty Crown came back and said it was a fake dub and we all expected Sentinel to defend it. However in the dumbest come back line I ever heard in my life, Sentinel comes back and says "of course it's a fake dub, I don't have money for Jay-Z dub, it's a fake dub cause mi a scammer! Big up all di scammer dem in Galtego-Bay cause money haffi run". WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS GUY THINKING. We all know that Montego-Bay is the capital for the scamming business and Mo-Bay people nuh rump when it come to dat summin deh... but WHY OH WHY say you are playing fake dubs???? The next foolish line came from none other than Sentinel again, he was trying to diss Pantha and said "his teeth yellow like Ackee seed". Last i checked ackee seeds were black LOL. But none the less Sentinel still had some good antics, he called a woman on stage and said it was Pantha mother, and asked how "from what age Pantha start fuck batty", the crowd went wild! From there him and the woman exchanged a couple questions and answers about Pantha being a batty man. The upset came when Mighty Crown who are no strangers to world clach were kicked off early in the night, even the MC had to do a re-vote, and even after that allowed Mighty Crown and Pantha a tune fi tune. But it didn't work out in there favor. Bredda Hype was the first to go and no one questioned why. They seemed to be young in the business and not ready for a clash of this caliber. They weren't equipped with proper dubs, it seemed like more juggling. In my opinion the overall clash was weak, and I think the only thing that could have strengthened it would have been the old time glory of Tony Matterhorn, and Ricky Trooper. I'm sure the clips will be on youtube soon. There are many more highlights, those of Bass Odyssey and more of others i mentioned, these are just moments that stood out to me that i wanted to share.