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Monday, April 26, 2010


This morning April 26.2010, Mr.Lexx and his attorney left a New York Court House with good news. Mr.Lexx has finally been vindicated from the alleged, rape and sexual molestation charge brought fourth in October 2009. All charges have officially been dropped and Mr.Lexx is once again a free man. "The Prince" has been in New York for the duration of the case. While he was out on bail, the court required his passport be surrendered as they considered him to be a flight risk because of his international citizenship. Now that the case is over, he is free to fly the friendly skies. Mr.Lexx wishes to thank his fans and supporters for believing in him, and supporting him in his time of need.

Lexx has been working on a mixtape for the summer titled "LEX-I-CON" that will be released on MAY 7TH., just 4 days shy of his birthday :-) LOOK OUT FOR THAT!
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