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Tuesday, March 2, 2010



Black Rhyno is the latest casualty of the "Falling Empire" as he exits the group simply stating "mi lef".

Since the end of 2009, 3 members have left or been kicked out of Portmore Empire, all in very controversial situations. Lisa Hype was involved in a sexual photo scandal, while Kym (formerly Gaza Kim) was allegedly called to the studio and beaten by 4 men, and now Black Rhyno "lef". This after weeks of speculation that he as well as Jah Vinci were leaving the group. Prior to his announcement that he is no longer part of Portmore Empire and his diss track to Vybz Kartel, a statement was released stating that he was still a part of the group and these were rumors. Makes you wonder "what's really going on, PON DI GAZA". Although the exact reason for Rhyno's departure is not clear, it is rumored that financial stress is an underlying issue as well as Vybz Kartels dominant practices and personality.

As the empire continues to fall, one must look back and question how it got to this point. It is said that how you attain something is also how you will loose it. It was also said that Portmore Empire was attained by Vybz Kartel from Deva Bratt using thievery, disrespect and dishonesty, and it appears Kartel is loosing his most popular artist because of the same. The Empire has previously been one of the most successful, and respected group of artist in the dancehall but has quickly turned into the laughing stock of the industry as depicted in the Clovis cartoons below.
Fans and ex-fans seem to be growing more enraged as the incidents, or attacks if you will, grow more serious, with each departure from the group. The leaked cell phone photo of Lisa Hype seemed to be damaging enough, to then be followed by an attack on Kym, to now Black Rhynos family home in Waterford being sprayed with bullets. Readers on a popular message board are quoted as saying "damn hypocrite …..lmfao….him really tek jamaican people fi fool eeh!", while another adds "Kartel is a wicked bowy him feel like him roll thunder or he is God him wrong but his day will come".
Kartel denies any involvement in the shooting of Black Rhynos home, as well as the attack on Kym.

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