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Sunday, February 28, 2010



Mavado is no stranger to #1 hits however for Stacious, "Come Into My Room" marks her first hit single! "The Gangstress" as she calls herself has been described as one of the "lyrical queens" in dancehall. She has even been compared to the queen Lady Saw and her mentor Bounty Killer. On a FiWi Choice interview back in 2009 she stated acting was her first love, however it is clear now that her music has taken over her career path. More recently Stacious became the center of attention via a lyrical war between herself and former Portmore Empire member Lisa Hype. When asked about "No Freak (Lisa Hype Diss)", The Gangstress is quoted as humbly saying;

“This song will be the first and only time that I will address the Lisa
Hype issue. I absolutely refuse to engage in a senseless back and forth
war of words, which on her part consists of lies and lackluster insults.

Especially when her ‘daddy’ and my friend have decided to prove to the
world the great men they are and bury the hatchet. I have many songs
that I poured my heart into, which displays my lyrical prowess.

I will now turn my attention to promoting songs such as, ‘Fight Back’
produced by Don Corleon and a number of other great tracks of which includes a collabo with Mavado, produced by Stephen McGregor.”

In an exclusive interview with PRGirlAngel, when asked about the success of "Come Into My Room" Stacious stated, " It's great knowing that people love the song so much!! I wanna big up Steven (Di Genius) and the Gully Gad for making a great song and thanks the fans for putting it at number 1!"

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