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Saturday, March 20, 2010


At some point last night, March 19 2010, rumors started circulating that Deva Bratt had been shot and killed at his gate. Friends and fans began congregating at his gate crying and pleading for answers, police were even called to the scene. It was total chaos for well over an hour.
The truth of the matter is, while there was an incident close to his home, it did not involve him nor anyone in his home. These rumors are totally false. Deva Bratt is very much alive and has been recording under his Krucial Konflict label. His most recent tracks include "Tribute" on the Triumph Riddim, a dedication to his late Father C and "Figure You Out" on the Candlelight Riddim. Look out for more new music from Deva Bratt as he is in the studio day and night voicing.

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