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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


The Recording Industry Association of America reveals that Rihanna has sold more digital singles than anyone else in history.

With the #iTunes store only opening in 2003, the digital music industry is still pretty young, but it's far from devoid of competition, commerce and platinum-selling artists. The most successful of these, it turns out, is none other than Rihanna.

In a new report, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has revealed that Rihanna is the first artist to ever sell over 100 million digital singles, and when combined with her cumulative 7.5 million digital album sales, that makes her the best selling digital artist of all-time.

In a statement included in the report, RIAA CEO Cary Sherman said:
“Gold & Platinum is the industry’s premier way to celebrate achievement in the marketplace. We’ve given awards to artists for nearly 60 years, but it’s rare that we have the opportunity to recognize a milestone like the one Rihanna has reached. Congratulations to Rihanna! She has not only surpassed RIAA’s one-hundred million mark, but also is the first artist to do so. It’s an historic feat and a testament to an extraordinary career.”

Way to go Rihanna! Island Girls Rock!!

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