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Thursday, September 12, 2013


While taking over the dancehall charts, with ever flowing hits, Konshens is proving to be more than an artist. He has entered into the fashion world with a new sneaker line "Konz876".
Konshens has been promoting the new line for the last couple weeks. He appeared on the "Johnny Live Morning Show" on Sun City Radio 104.9 FM, Portmore JA, last week to promote his new line. He was more than enthusiastic, as he should be, the line is both fashionable, and hip! The sneakers are said to retail at $129 USD a pair. Pricey much? Yes, close to the price of a pair of Jordans! But Konshens is confident in his high quality, fashionable line.  Konshens was quoted as saying;
“I chose a shoe line because you can bring more culture into it. It takes a lot more effort as opposed to printing up T-shirts, plus there is a huge market for it.”
“Dancehall and Reggae music have the widest range of core fans worldwide and I think the only thing that separates us from other more mainstream genres is the lack of entrepreneurship on our part as artistes,” Konshens added.
Konz876 is said to have two stores opening in Jamaica. One in Montego Bay, and the other in Kingston.
The first launch party will be in Kingston Jamaica at The Quad on September 13 and the second launch will take place at the Donway Village on the Hip Strip in Montego Bay on September 14. Konshens has been advertising his product on his recent 2 week worldwide tour, and creating quite a buzz for himself. Great to see the entrepreneur spirit spreading amongst Jamaican artist. Good luck Konshens!
Stay in touch with Konshens on Twitter @KonshensSojah

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