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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Where in the world is MUNGA HONORABLE?? Last night was the 2nd date scheduled for "Settlement", a stage show that allows rival artist to settle the score. As my previous article shows, the original date was scheduled for June, however was changed to July 9 2010. Deva Bratt arrived at the venue to find that his nemesis Munga was a no-show. Many people had speculated that Munga would not show up for quite some time. I personally reached out to Munga for confirmation of his attendance at the show, and was not successful in getting a response. This no show may be the final act that proves that Munga is no competition for Deva Bratt, and that he fears loosing a lyrical battle. Without Munga's input as requested, I am left to assume this to be true. So Deva Bratt wins this round by default, CONGRATS DEVA!

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