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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jay Z and Beyonce release "Run" move trailer!

Power couple Jay Z and Beyonce have released a movie trailer, to the hit song "On The Run" (part 2). Now before we get our hopes up about this movie, this release date is "Coming Never". Come on, don't play with our emotions like that! The trailer is 3 minutes long, and boast A-list heavy hitter like Sean Penn, Don Cheadle and more. I'm not totally convinced this movie is "never to come", Beyoncé and her husband have a way of surprising fans with what they want and need, and at the perfect time! I'm keeping my eyes and ears open on this one. Parental discretion is advised... SEX, MONEY AND DRUGS is in full effect & Beyoncé is bussing a gun!!!! Ok, had a moment, sorry guys.. Check it out now on youtube!

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