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Friday, April 18, 2014


For Immediate Release: Honorebel "UFO"
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For Immediate Release:
April 18, 2014
MAY 6 2014

Easily the most unclassifiable artiste, Honorebel returns with his brand new roots reggae hit UFO, released on Phantom Music Group / Zojak Worldwide, will be available May 6,2014 but its available now for Pre-Orders.
Pre order link:

The new single is a great depiction of his journey as an international, crossover musician. Throughout his career, Honorebel has never been categorized into one genre.  He effortlessly fuses reggae, roots, pop, EDM, dancehall, and other influential sounds to create his universal appeal. Sentimentally, he has become something like an “Unidentified Object”.  "UFO" Is Producer by Chris Sane, a super producer from Copenhagen Denmark.

When asked to comment on "UFO", Honorebel had this to say  "I feel like music is a feelings and a vibes, so I go where ever that vibes and feelings takes me. I wanted to go back to the authentic, organic feelings, tempo and sounds of the real roots reggae music and with my futuristic lyrical flavor and flow to give it a nice blend. "

In the video, Honorebel creates a unique visual experience for viewers. Glimpses of actual performances, along with out of this world graphics and effects; “UFO” boasts an imaginative voyage capturing every lyric in the song.

Check out the video now on VEVO, directed by Shadrac Milhomme, who also directed
"Ravin & Clean", "Seize The Night", "Nuh Better Than You"  and "Renta Dread" all performed by Honorebel.
"UFO" Is Producer by Chris Sane, a super producer from Copenhagen Denmark.
"Education without morals, music without the message of love, true friends without loyalty is like a ship without a compass, sailing aimlessly at sea. Music is that universal language that unites and inspires. To be able to spread love, while doing what I love on a global capacity, that is legendary. ONE LOVE!" -Honorebel

Honorebel is available for interviews upon request.
Publicity Contact:
P: 617-820-0448

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