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Friday, March 15, 2013


Rapper, Lil Wayne has been suffering bouts of seizures for the last couple of months, Tuesday gossip site TMZ reported his hospitalization. They are reporting he was later released but returned, and informed the public that his condition is "unstable". TMZ went on to state "one of his bodyguards found him in his room, on the floor and unconscious." and "He was taken to ICU, where he was placed in restraints because he was shaking uncontrollably."

However, members of Lil Wayne's camp, "Mack Maine" and "Bird Man", went on a twitter rampage denying the claims of TMZ.
We cannot confirm which of the 2 sides of the stories are true, exaggerated, or simply false. Whatever the case may be, PRGirlAngel Entertainment would like to wish Lil Wayne a speedy recovery, and our prayers are with his family.

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  1. he does too much drugs thats y he is so sik, hope he gets better to take care of all the children he has