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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The masses have been waiting for an Aidonia vs Deva Bratt clash since 2007 when the former Portmore Empire stars first war of words. Well Easter Monday the stage was set in Portland JA at the Tichfield High School fete. Aidonia was scheduled to perform, and to the surprise of many, arrived with none other than Mr. Deva Bratt. This was a fundraising event for the High School, the atmosphere was upbeat and positive and when they took the stage it only got better. They shared the stage for close to 30 minutes and each performed a medley of their hits as the crowd roared for more! The energy was crazy, the vibes were MAD, the fans were energetic and the forwards didn't stop all night! So what do you think will be next, collaboration or clash? Check out the sneak preview below recorded by Krucial Konflict engineer AR15, not the best quality but you'll appreciate it!